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Roaches, 7 February

Trip Summary

With the weather forecast looking dubious in the week before the trip, people were nervous. It was a joint trip to the Roaches with CUMC, with some members of CUHWC climbing with them (described by some as ‘a mini freshers meet’). 4 CUMC members came along to climb and walk; 21 CUHWC members came along to walk and climb (minus one who inexplicably dropped out on the morning and hasn’t been heard from since).

The weather held, apart from a couple of showers in the afternoon. The wind was high, but nobody cared. Due to the restricted topography of the Roaches, there were two walk groups with roughly similar routes: along the ridge, potter around at Danebridge at the end, then back through the forest (or vice-versa). People had fun poking around in Lud’s Church, but nobody could work out why it was called a church.

The climbers found a sheltered corner behind the Don Whillans hut, where the wind and (occasional) rain weren’t a problem, and got a lot of pitches done throughout the day. The walkers who tried climbing enjoyed it a lot.

We all went to the Roaches tearoom at the end of the day to chat and sample their fancy coffee. Very civilised.

Trip Participants

Philip W (Trip Leader, Safety Officer), Paul C, Anabel ML, Tom A, Ed W (CUMC Leader), Yanni D (CUMC), Athene L (CUMC), Daniel B (CUMC), Becky H, Rachel M, Alice M, Chris I, Charles L, Fiona D, Jens A, Georgina M, Jason T, Nina C, Michael A, Nebibe V, Simon C, Carolina C, Ben W, Jeson N


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Philip W