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Edale, 16 October 2016

Trip summary

A fresher's perspective on the freshers' day trip...

This was the first trip of the year and being designated mainly for keen freshers saw well over 50 people attend and head, in the pouring rain, cold and dark, towards the North. But these being freshers, there was still an air of optimism regardless.

The bus driver's somewhat interesting choice of route led to the coach getting stuck near a tiny bridge, and so all the poor freshers had to walk several miles to the start point, leaving the bus driver to complete his hundred-point turn, much to the locals' dismay. Luckily it had stopped raining though!

We split into groups based on keenness, and between these covered a large area of the Dark Peak area of the Peak District, including Mam Tor and Kinder Scout. The weather actually became warm(ish), and the sun came out. Things were looking good!

Highlights of the day included the Kinder Downfall (a waterfall basically in the path) and the celebratory pint at a pub in the great village of Hayfield.

With the walking over, we boarded the coach again (in a large car park connected to a nice, wide, bridge-free road) and set off back to Cambridge.

Chris H