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Mystery Trip, 12th-14th May 2017

This years' mystery destination was Solihull Mountaineering Club's Bryn Golau Hut, in South-Eastern Snowdonia. An extended period of sign-ups by e-mail meant there was time for a few far-too-subtle clues, though some members guessed the place before any were even released! (Turns out listing the number of places available's a giveaway if only one hut has 17 bunks).

Nevertheless, knowing where the bunkhouse is wasn't the same as finding it, with one car's passengers going on a night hike across the valley (and apparently becoming the most exciting thing in Dinas Mawddwy) before spotting the right lights for which to aim. Thankfully, a light wind over the weekend meant sufficient electricity generation to keep those lights on, while it wasn't so warm out that the lack of a fridge was disastrous.

Walks on the Saturday were all up Aran Fawddwy, whether by the obvious route or a more circuitous circuit round to the North and back. Unexpectedly glorious sunshine necessitated a stop for water at a farm, while the 'Gin and Tonic' walk didn't, unfortunately, involve its namesake. Instead spirits were saved until the evening, with authentic palinka accompanying a goulash that only its chef insisted wasn't authentic. The other two menus looked so good it was tempting to have all three, though in the end only Wasim went for it and doubled-up his meal.

On the Sunday, a huge number of walks set off, covering Maesglase, the other Dyfi hills, and Aran Fawddwy again. They included photography, slate, and what little bog remained after the dry spell. The forest was verified to smell of jam, while a swim in Llyn Foeldinas as 'actually, warmer than Emma pool'. The pair late back received appropriate remonstrance in the form of the only rain on any walk.

Trip participants: * Matt A * Paul C * Callan H * Camilla P * Wasim B * Fedir K * Yuze W * Adrien L * Juliette M * Ilinca A * Jingyi W * Wong P * Barbara M * Binbin W * Yuqing W * Marci G * Helen G

Matt A