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Edale 2017

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In short (Sarah M): The bus got stuck. Again.

In long (Matt A): Walk leaders having arrived smoothly in Edale, ready for an early start on a gorgeous day, they were informed consecutively that the coach 1) was slightly delayed, 2) had successfully avoided the wrong turn of Edale 2016, 3) had taken a different wrong turn and couldn't turn round to get out, 4) had stopped for a while to let the engine cool down before reversing, and 5) wouldn't be able to restart for an indeterminate period of time. Those in the coach decamped and headed North from Castleton. Thankfully, with the experience of 2016 I knew what to do: run up Hollin's cross, run down the other side, pass two thirds of the coach party, miss the other third, and run back up to find that pretty much everything had been sorted in my absence.

A few groups headed down into Edale for longer walks across Kinder, while the slight majority headed off up Mam Tor, splitting at the top into groups for short, very short and mid-length wanders. The sun shone down on the warmest October weekend in memory, the ground was dry, the late-flowering grasses were beautiful and a little heather still in bloom, and the sheep were kind enough to pose for hundreds of photos from those on the trip new to British upland. With the coach driver allowing us extra time in partial recompense for our travails, all groups got to Hayfield on time, including even those driving there after a circular walk back to Edale to pick up the cars. There was even time for pub.

Trip list: Chris H Callum R Paul C Matt A Sarah M Anabel M Gilad A Michael F Prab M Bronwen F Marci G Camilla P Ben H David H Arthur G Jack C Laura S Sam G Angela Z Daniel R Vivian W Gabriel A Primrose B Joseph E Tom S Jennifer L Krizia U Tanita R Willis O Cecilia H Caitlin F Mads K Tan J Nicholas F Shaun S Madelyn W Katya Y Freyja Y Jef L Sarah S Nikky F Guido S Adam D Michael Z Wei J Peter M Kathe-Mami W Dan B Nieholas B Susannah P Tom W Elizabeth D Cameron R Patrick T Hannah F Emma B Danny V Ulysses C Arun K Chris C Charlotte M Barney F