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Alpine Adventures, Summer 2010

CUHWC was well-represented in the Alps this summer, with members participating in two separate trips. The first, in July, was based at Arolla in the Swiss Valais and enjoyed fine weather. Those who joined the party after completing an introductory alpine course were able to test their new skills on a variety of mountaineering routes, and we also enjoyed some walking and valley climbing, plus the odd rest day!

The second group broke new ground by heading to Langenfeld in the Tyrol region of Austria. Some excellent walking, a couple of easy Alpine peaks and a via ferrata ensured that a good time was had by all, despite a rain-enforced evacuation to Germany towards the end of the trip!

Although you'll have to get your hands on the actual trip book to read the reports (and admire the illustrations), I couldn't resist including a few of these...

Notable Quotes

  • Bethan: "Normally I'm talking so I'm not thinking"
  • Bethan (holding a tent peg): "How does this work?"
  • Dave: "Funny miss girly thing on the mountain"
  • DP: "Alison is better at cream bowls than chocolate bowls"


Alpine Course

Arolla, Switzerland

Langenfeld, Austria

From Arolla, 4-19 July 2010

From Arolla, 4-19 July 2010