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Garden Party and Punting, 12 June 2010

On the first Saturday of May Week, around 40 hillwalkers descended on Newnham Gardens for the annual CUHWC Garden Party. The Social Secretaries, aided by a willing band of helpers, had organised a fabulous spread of food, including a most impressive 3-D cow cake (complete with appropriate Cow Song verse, which was later sung with gusto). They'd even arranged for some sunshine! Frisbee and acrobatics featured in the afternoon's activities, while Paul trumped everyone by successfully juggling while balancing a guitar on his chin. We also had a group photograph - click on the link to Tom's photos below to see the results, and email him if you'd like a full-size copy!

Some three hours later, it was time to continue the party on the River Cam. Despite the lure of the England-USA World Cup game, a sizeable fleet of punts set off towards Grantchester, arriving in various states of dampness! A bowl of salad was the only notable casualty of the journey. In Grantchester Meadows, Gordon, Marianne, Jon and others did a sterling job with the barbecues, and the singing continued till well past midnight.