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Patterdale, 4-6 June 2010

The final weekend trip of the academic year went to Patterdale in the eastern Lake District. We were based at the George Starkey Hut with a small contingent camping in Glenridding, thanks to the tail end of half-term combined with some glorious weather ensuring that camping space was at a premium. With 38 participants, we managed to scale most of the surrounding fells between us over the weekend - and went sailing, rowing, canoeing, swimming and mountain biking into the bargain. Gordon's rapidly-becoming-traditional Saturday evening barbecue was, predictably, very popular!


Simon Bateman, Alison Beresford, Amy Bonsor, Rebecca Bowler, Roger Brass, Kirsty Brown, Paul Cook, Carmen Dudley, Dave Farrow, Emma Fleetwood, Michael Fordham, Matthew Graham, Bethan Gudgeon, Rob Halbert, Caroline Hepburn, Joe Hobbs, Kathrin Holtzmann, Gillian James, Oliver Knevitt, Ken Koyanagi, Monica Loomes, Jon Matthews, Patrick McKearney, Anne Moindrot, Ian Patrick, Jane Patrick, Alex Pericleous, David Pettit, Ruth Pettit, David Ponting, Trine Puggaard Petersen, Hannah Robinson, Jo Smith, Simon Taylor, Chris Wade, Georgia Wheeler, Gordon Williams, Tom Wright.

Walk Reports

Up Striding, Down Swirral (MF)

Hannah, Monica, Caroline, Simon, Georgia, Kathrin & Michael

With hot and hazy weather we decided to complete the classic circuit of Helvellyn from Patterdale. We set out from Patterdale, reaching Hole in the Wall in a little over an hour, and then proceeded over Striding Edge. Although the conditions were excellent, allowing us to take a direct route along the ridge, we were joined by large crowds, including a significant number of lawyers on a corporate training event. We took luncheon on Helvellyn, before dividing the group. Michael and Kathrin went over Whiteside and Raise before descending down the Sticks Pass, stopping for a drink at the Traveller's Rest in Glenridding. Everyone else headed down Swirral Edge, allowing Simon to bag Catstycam, before descending for ice cream in Glenridding. All in all, an excellent day's walk.

CUHWCCC - Cambridge University Hill, Water, Cycling & Cake Club (JH)

Dave, Jo, Joe, Bethan, David (Ponting), Tom

What we planned:

  1. Scramble - Pinnacle Ridge onto St. Sunday Crag
  2. Helvellyn - followed by Raise
  3. Bunkhouse - ensure an early return so we were first to the beer!

What we did:

  1. Scramble - as planned (except navigational difficulties)
  2. Fairfield - followed by Hart Crag & Dove Crag
  3. Bethan's house - for cake and to pick up some bikes
  4. Mountain bike - a quick circuit of Rydal Water while Joe walked out
  5. Swim - across Rydal Water & return
  6. Cycle back to Bethan's house - this time Dave ran
  7. Get lift back to Patterdale (from Bethan's mum)
  8. Wait for car to cool down at the top of 'The Struggle'.
  9. Return to bunkhouse (second to last) - luckily there was plenty of beer!

CUHWC - The group that walked up hills!!! (RP)

Emma, Ian, David (Pettit), Ruth, Roger & Alison.
Patterdale-Angletarn Pikes-Rest Dodd-High Street-Thornythwaite Crag-Caudale Moor-PUB-Red Screes-Middle Fell-Dove Crag-Hart Crag-Fairfield-St Sunday Crag-Patterdale

A blissful day in the Lakes (anon.)

Oliver, Gillian, Becca, Chris, Ken, Gordon, Anne, Trine, Simon B

What a day! Blazing sun all day and panoramic views all round... Up to Angletarn Pikes, along to Rest Dodd and High Raise and down to Hallin Fell over Steel Knotts. Back round the lake to finish. Oliver & Gordon had a very refreshing swim in Angle Tarn whilst others looked on jealously!

Sleeping Bagging (DF)

Joe, Jo, Patrick, Dave, David P, Ruth, Alison. (Both Pettits)

Originally "Helvellyn Twice"; was shortened by removing Striding Edge & Raise.
Up Grisedale (far too muggy), up to Helvellyn.
Graduates went bagging.
Undergrads kept to path & went to sleep while waiting.
Down Swirral - overtaking the tourists on the path while we were on the maximisation route.
Back to the bunkhouse.
It was misty on top. There was too much gossip.
Ruth decided she should start dog-walking for £60 per dog. Perfect match, except she doesn't like dogs.
It was a standard simple Hillwalking typically British day.

Notable Quotes

  • Dave: "I don't think there's anyone I'd prefer to have than the keg"
  • Caroline: "I know how to make a banana"
  • Kirsty: "Who wants to lick this?" Jo: "Yes!...what is it?"
  • Joe: "I'll piss, you take the photo"


From Patterdale, 4-9 June 2010

From Patterdale, 4-9 June 2010

From Patterdale, 4-9 June 2010