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Rosedale, North York Moors, Jan 2018

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The first weekend trip of the year saw a group of 19 head up to the North York Moors. The weather was less than ideal - you know the cloud is low when you can't see the top of the surrounding 300m hills! The group was not deterred though, and a large group went out 'pub-bagging' lead by local resident Sarah M and others wandered out to find the remains of the railway used to transport iron ore out of the valley.
As usual, an excessive amount of food was prepared on the Saturday evening, including many haggises (haggi?) to celebrate the birth of Robbie Burns. There was no singing sadly as too much Bananagram fun was to be had.
The weather sadly didn't improve on the Sunday, but groups still went out in different directions to the previous day. A fine weekend was had overall, despite the poor weather!

Trip list: Sarah M, Callum R, Paul C, Brigitta S, Gabor K, Simon M, Sarah S, Marci G, Ben L, Ashley L, Hannah M, Bronwen F, Miriam G, Chris K, Danny V, Bill C, Gilad A, Jonida T, Hassal L

Sarah M