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Kentmere Trip, 7th-9th June 2019

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Though the trip started as any other, the location of the bunkhouse was almost as mysterious as in a mystery trip. It turns out there was a rough 4km track leading to the hut. Only Paul’s car was deemed to have sufficient ground clearance, and so he transported our kit to the bunkhouse while the rest of us trampled along the track in the pouring rain.

On the Saturday morning, morale was lower than the clouds, especially for those of us who had been on the fantastically sunny post-exams trip last year. Most people just went for a small walk and a pub lunch, Danny went for a 34km run to kick away his frustrations and some more tenacious walkers including President Mary and new member Yuki went up High Street to find out that the weather wasn't as bad as MWIS had anticipated.

People arrived back at the bunkhouse early, so there was plenty of time for games and singing. After finding out that hillwalkers and snooker do not mix, we took part in a quiz about cheese, which exposed our ignorance on the subject. A sock wrestling tournament ensued. This game is likely to be banned on further trips, as Oliver vs. Danny was clearly mismatched in terms of bodyweight, and an anxious Paul requested an immediate halt to the contest.

The fun continued into the early hours of Sunday morning as we played a 'voting game' which provided some measure of how well we knew each other - to much amusement. Chris and Bill carried on with giant Jenga and managed to get a really high tower in spite of their tiredness. Unfortunately its collapse woke Sarah downstairs.

People still managed to get up early and go for walks - the glorious sunshine being the main incentive. Sarah Ma and Ben managed the whole horseshoe. A total of 14 wild-swimmer was counted, much to Sarah Ma's delight. All in all, another successful CUHWC trip.

Trip List: Jodie W, Mary M, Peter M, Lucy J, Paul C, Seb P, Danny V, Ben H, Oliver N, Eva C, Milena V, Sarah Mi, Tom S, Bill C, Bronwen F, Chris H, Patrick T, Cameron R, Sarah Ma, Pan Y

Danny Vagnozzi