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Alps Trip (Monte Rosa)


  • Michael - 23rd July to 8th August
  • Simon - 24th July to 8th August
  • DC - 24th July to 30th July


  • Michael - two ice screws, small rack
  • Simon - medium rack and rope


  • Michael - Valais Alps East (Alpine Club), The 4000m Peaks of the Alps (Moran)
  • Simon - Valais West, covers Zinal and the western side of the Zermatt valley


Suggestion 1:

23rd July - 30th July - Saas Grund
31st July - 8th August - Zermatt

From Saas Grund - possible peaks include Fletschorn, Weissmiess, Lagginhorn (I didn't mean to put Weisshorn - that might be a bit keen!)
From Zermatt - possible peaks (apart from Monte Rosa) include Balfrin, Allalinhorn, Dom

Travel plans

*DC - flying from Edinburgh to Geneva, arriving 1425. Train to Saas Grund, expecting to arrive 7pm. Return flight 1050 on 30th July.