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Brecon Beacons Trip 11-13 April 2014


People coming:

  • Marianne
  • Gordon
  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Lucy
  • David
  • Ruth
  • DC
  • Simon


Marianne & Gordon will be bringing tea, coffee and milk (for cereal) for everyone. Please can everyone bring their own breakfast and lunch.


If you would like to offer to cook for other people please list your dinner option here:

LW: I can do a curry if people are interested! I usually do lamb, but happy to switch if anyone has a preference. Mild-ish but can bring tabasco/chillies for those who want a bit more kick in their portion.

RP: Curry sounds good to me. I am going to be away from Wednesday night this week until Thursday night next week so I would be grateful to anyone who could include me in their plans! I'll eat most things! David can advise whether I like something or not if necessary!

DP: I agree, curry sounds good.

GW+MW: Curry sounds good to Marianne and me too.

CH & AP would also like curry.

LW: Good good! Curry for 8 then - DC emailed me separately. If anyone wants to plan a pudding, ... :-)

CH can organise pudding for 8. Not sure what it'll be yet (might be what we always had when I was small, wait-and-see-pudding).

MW: mmmm pudding. We used to have if-it-comes-you'll-be-lucky pudding so wait-and-see pudding sounds delicious! Count Gordon & me in. Also, looks like Simon's coming now so there are 9 of us.

LW: Ooh, wait-and-see-pudding! We always had that growing up as well, but I haven't tried it in years. Count me in!


LW: I'm planning to drive from Cambridge and have room for one passenger (or three, if two of them are shorter than about 165-170cm!). Happy to car share (mine or yours) if it makes sense.

GW+MW: Driving from Oxfordshire - picking up DC.

DP: Driving from Derby.

CH, AP, SB all car-sharing from Milton Keynes.