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Cluanie Exped Planning

This page is to co-ordinate equipment sharing, food and anything else necessary for the Cluanie Expedition. Between the six of us, we need to bring: Stoves, gas, scourers, pans, lighter Tents First aid kit - indivduals should bring their own drugs, compeeds etc, but there should be at least one larger kit. Trowel Playing cards Emergency Shelter Repair equipment - duct tape, paracord, cable ties etc Mapping & compasses

I (DH) have also compiled a personal kit list, which I will put here in case it is of any use to people: Boots, pool shoe (camp & river crossings), 3x thick socks Gaiters 2 pairs trousers, 2 pairs boxers (i have some antibacterial ones before you start kicking off) Hardshell, softshell, overtrousers Base layer, 2 fleeces Gloves, hats, buff, sunglasses, midge hood (no risks being taken) Duct tape, compeed, first aid kit – immodium, antihistamine, - paracord Pyjamas Walking poles Head torch & battery Tent, spare pegs Sleeping bag, liner, carry mat Plate, spork, mug, penknife Water container, chlorine tablets Toilet roll, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, bin bags Mobile phones, camera, batteries, SD card Cash, paperback, notebook, marker pen

Food - David, Alex, and Anthony Food - The Couscous Crew