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Cooking for Brecon Beacons Trip, 29th November-1st December 2013

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC trip to the Brecon Beacons this (29th November-1st December) weekend. The kitchen is a fully equipped kitchen with cooker, microwave, large fridge, crockery and cutlery for the whole group.The club will supply cooking oil.

Cooking on this trip is going to be a little different from past trips (if you've been with us before) for we aim to cook Christmas Dinner! Don't worry we don't expect one person to do it all - nor one person to everything for one particular item (i would not volunteer to peel enough roast potatoes for 27!). We will buy the crackers and chickens (we are not forking out for turkey), you can all donate a pound or so to the chicken (we'll inform you later how much precisely) and then if you all donate something towards one other item it should work out about even cost wise! You don't have to volunteer to do something - just add an extra £3 to the communal pot which we can redistribute to those who volunteer to do something expensive! I've written below a list of items that one may consider cooking as part of christmas dinner but this is BY NO MEANS PRESCRIPTIVE - if you want to show off your family/country's specialty - go for it! If someone's already cooking your favoured item - sign up for it to - we can see whose stuffing's best!

You of course don't have to cook christmas dinner, you can sign up to be 'independent' as well - but please note that we can't have 27 running around the kitchen independently cooking pasta!

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Food Ideas



  • Organized by the club
  • Philip is bringing tin foil and garlic for roasting

The veggie main: Roasted peppers stuffed with rice, cashews, red onion and tomato. (Tom Ashton to arrange ingredients.) Add your name below if you want a portion:

  • Tom Ashton
  • Valerie Ashton (also having chicken)
  • Anne Nospickel
  • Philip
  • Alex Katovsky


Selection of roast vegetables (e.g. potatoes, parsnips, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots):

  • Philip: Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and leeks. I'm also bringing some onions and garlic for general purpose use.
  • Laurent M - I'll bring the Parsnips and carrots
  • JohnO (29 Nov 00:50, potatoes have been bought and lugged home)


  • Braised red cabbage with apples (Alex K) -- I'll try to follow the BBC Good Food recipe ( possibly without cider. [My mum cooks this every Christmas, it's great --Matt] [Don't have any great expectations -- this will be the second time I've cooked this dish after a mini trial run yesterday (which went quite well) -- Alex]


Cranberry Sauce:

  • Laurent - Ill bring 2 jars
  • Philip: I just got a third. This may be excessive.

Stuffing: (let's get at least 2 different types):

  • Jonathan Harris
  • Antonia Cuff - Paxo brand "Sage and Onion" stuffing

Bread Sauce:

Gravy: (veggie/non-veggie):

  • Valerie (veggie carmelised onion and marmite gravy)
  • Antonia Cuff - Bistro gravy



  • Chris Arran


Christmas Pudding: Chris Brown

Chocolate Yule Log:

  • Constanze - Austrian version - it's round, but pretty much as chocolatey! I'll be doing the version with whipped cream (that's "lighter" than butter cream icing) (

Mince Pies:

  • I'll bring a jar of mincemeat, some flour, butter and sugar. Here's a recipe: However: Not sure if there will be patty tins at the bunkhouse, I won't have a small egg, and I've never cooked anything like this before. -- Alex Katovsky

Brandy Butter:


  • Matt H.

Happy to help with cooking but can't cook a specific dish

  • Matthew Chadwick
  • Rhianna Knable
  • Antonia Cuff
  • Paul Cook
  • Steven Woodhouse
  • Paul Fox
  • Helen Fox
  • Victoire de Menonville
  • Adrien Van den Branden
  • nael el berkani
  • Stefano Recchia
  • Tom Owen
  • Georgie Slatharm

Want Christmas Dinner but can't cook!


  • Daniel fletcher
  • Madeline Kavanagh

Not yet signed-up for meal