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Cooking for Dartmoor, 28th - 30th November 2014

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC trip to Dartmoor this (28-30th November) weekend. The kitchen is fully equipped with 6-burner stove and an efficient industrial double-doored oven, fridge, freezer, toasters, etc. All crockery, pans and tea towels provided.

Cooking on this trip is going to be a little different from past trips (if you've been with us before) for we aim to cook Christmas Dinner! This is a follow up of last year's very successful Christmas meal on the Brecon Beacons Trip.

The Club will buy crackers and chickens (no turkey-forking faff). I've written below a list of items that one may consider cooking as part of Christmas Dinner but this is BY NO MEANS PRESCRIPTIVE — if you want to show off your family/country's specialty — go for it! If someone's already cooking your favoured item — sign up for it too — we can see whose stuffing's best!

If you're providing food or ingredients, could you please add their cost to the menu below by 2pm Friday afternoon. I'll then spend the rest of the afternoon and the minibus ride working out exactly what everybody is owed or owes the club because I'm fun like that.

Please sign up by Wednesday evening. I'll email the trip list to confirm food arrangments.

You of course don't have to cook Christmas Dinner, you can sign up to be 'independent' as well — but please note that we can't have 26 people running around the kitchen independently cooking pasta!

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  • Generally people provide their own if they want any.
  • Does the club have some wine knocking around somewhere? Perhaps left over from Caseg? Mulled wine, etc.
    • I thought that JO had sold the 3 spare bottles to the club? [TH]
    • JO I believe did this, so there should be 3 spare bottles and some mulling stuff in the Club kit; it's fairly straightforward to do. The Club could consider buying a couple more bottles. Suggest £2 donation per person partaking. [AW]

Please can people let me know if there is dairy in their ingredients? It doesn't matter at all - I just don't want to accidentally eat a dish that I shouldn't. Becky


Roast Chicken

  • Organised by the club
  • We'll assume you're having chicken if you've signed up for the meal or are cooking, unless you've signed up for veggie below. You can sign up for both and then you'll pay for both obviously.

Please don't put butter on it! - Becky

Butternut squash and cashew nut roast (veggie) Camilla P - £11

  • (secretly vegan so no problem if you want some Becky)
  • Please sign up here if you'd like veggie main:

    • Camilla
    • Marcus (I'd like both mains please!)
    • Philip W
    • Sam L
    • Tom A
    • Ben B (If there's enough)
    • Rose P


Roast potatoes Becky H for 26 people

Parsnips and carrots Philip W for 26 people

Brussels sprouts Philip W for anyone who can stomach them (£4 total)

Swede and Shallots Marcus

Braised red cabbage with apples Alex K

(following this recipe using water instead of cider)

Sauces and Sides

Cranberry Sauce Philip W

Bread Sauce Tom H ...NOT dairy free, £5 including brandy butter below.

  • assuming there is interest

Non-Veggie Gravy Malinda M

Veggie Gravy Tom A

Sage and Sausage stuffing Eleri

Apple and Herb Stuffing (veggie, contains butter, £5) Evan

Pigs-in-Blankets Tom L


Christmas Pudding Marcus

Malva Pudding Ros C (dairy - £3)

  • I can make something called a Malva pudding, a traditional South African pudding. Something along the lines of sticky toffee. Ros C

Chocolate Yule Log (of some sort) Constanze again :D CONTAINS DAIRY

Mince Pies - Marcus (dairy)

Brandy Butter - Tom H ... feels so stupid saying this, but: this dish contains dairy produce Becky :p

  • I'll make for 10, say if you think we need more/less

Trifle Matt H again

Would like Christmas Dinner (and help with cooking most likely) but not supplying ingredients/meal

  • Yining
  • Joe H
  • Valerie A
  • Simon W
  • Josh A - will help with cooking as much as possible!
  • Ben B
  • Barbora J - will help in the kitchen/do the dishes
  • Alex H


  • Madeline (but I would like to have mulled wine please)

Not yet signed-up for meal

  • Stan J