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Cooking for Holwick Trip, 27–29 November 2015

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for this weekend’s trip to Holwick.

The kitchen has 9 hobs, a fridge, and little else. There is no oven, and there are no utensils or crockery.

Cooking on this trip is going to be a little different from past trips (if you’ve been with us before) for we aim to cook Christmas dinner! The club will provide crackers and chicken (turkey is boring). All the other dishes should be provided by you, and the cost will be pooled and divided between everyone (so please bring some cash). You don’t have to volunteer to do something, but since it’s a small trip, it would be good to split the work between everyone. There’s a list of suggested dishes to bring below, but this is by no means prescriptive! If you want to show off your family/country’s speciality, go for it! If someone’s already cooking your favoured item, sign up for it too, and we can see whose is best!

Since the bunkhouse has limited cooking facilities, please plan to prepare your dish in advance as much as possible, ideally so that it can simply be reheated on a hob at the bunkhouse (or even eaten cold). If you need pots or pans, you will need to bring them. The club will provide plates, cutlery and cups.

Of course, you don’t have to take part in Christmas dinner; you can sign up to be independent instead, but note that we can’t have 22 people all running round the kitchen cooking independently.

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Finalise dish allocations by Wednesday evening so everyone knows how much to buy and has a couple of days to do the shopping and prepare the dish.

Christmas dinner suggestions


Chicken, to be bought and cooked by the club (David H)

  • David H volunteers to lead the organisation of a simple chicken stew/casserole, which may even take care of the gravy, subject to the availability of large pans - Paul F? Meat needs to be freshly cooked! To clarify, this will still be served with all the trimmings of a normal Christmas Dinner - it's just the meat will have been slow-cooked.
  • David H also notes that people need to indicate whether they will be dining veggie or non-veggie

People having chicken main:

  • Arion P
  • David H
  • Josh A
  • Evie
  • Rebecca
  • Paul F
  • Alex H
  • Helen P
  • Patrick R
  • Michael A
  • Angela G
  • Tom L - can provide 1/2 large pans, let me know.
  • Sumita C
  • April C
  • William G
  • Angelika B
  • Carolina
  • Taavi T
  • Charles L

Veggie nut roast — Philip

People having veggie main:

  • Philip
  • Paul C
  • Romaric

Vegetables and side dishes

Selection of roast vegetables (e.g. potatoes, parsnips, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots) — who’s doing one each of these?

  • Carbohydrate — Becky
  • Carrots — Arion P
  • Sprouts — Philip
  • Parsnips — Carolina
  • Other suggestions?
  • Broccoli - April C (seems not to be a Xmas tradition... but is it okay? I just really dunno how to cook parsnips...) (yes, broccoli would be great! — Philip)

Pre-cooked pigs in blankets — Paul F and his portable oven CANCELLED


  • Cranberry sauce — Becky
  • Stuffing — Becky


  • Mince pies — Alex H
  • Toffee - Angela G
  • Christmas pudding — Helen P



Not yet signed-up for meal


People not going on the trip