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Cooking for Moffat Trip, 23rd-25th November 2012

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC Trip to the Well Road Centre in Moffat on the weekend of 23rd-25th November 2012. There is a kitchen which is fully equipped with fridge-freezer, chest freezer, large commercial oven, and cutlery & crockery for up to 70 places.

Click edit at the top to change the text (you'll need to be logged in to your account on the website first - click here to register if you don't have one). You can either suggest a meal idea or join one of the existing ones and you're obviously also welcome to sort yourself out (move your name to 'Independent'). Please remove your name from the section at the bottom once you're in a group or have decided to cook alone. The person who suggests the meal is responsible for arranging the ingredients - everyone else in the group should bring money on the trip to pay for their share, and expect to help with the meal preparation and washing up.

Meal suggestions by Tuesday evening. Finalise groups by Wednesday night so the person suggesting the meal knows how much they have to buy and has a couple of days to do the shopping.

Maps and map cases

The club only has paper maps for the Moffat area, please bring map cases if you have them. More maps would also come in handy.


Certain duffers have pointed out that it’s the time of year for mulling. I don’t know if this is still a tradition in the club, but as it’s quite fun to do in excessively large vats, I thought I’d open it up to all. I will bring stuff for mulling (spices, sugar, oranges, TMA) and if you want to join in, just bring some wine, the cheaper the better. Bonus points for anybody bringing basics or value brands. Don’t cheat and use self-service. Look the cashier in the eye as they scan the bottle and feel the full force of their judgement piercing your skull. It’s great fun, honestly.

  • We still do this. There used to be some spices in the club kit, but they might have all been used up by now, so no harm in bringing others. I do know the TMA has been polished off... [AW]

  • We have some spices left. I'll bring them along. [PK]

Meal Groups

Indian Vegetarian Meal

Maximum number of people: 10(ish)

  • Starter: Onion Bhajis and Poppadoms with mango chutney (and suggestions for other sauces if wanted)

  • Main: Vegetable Balti with Peshwari Chapatis and rice

  • Dessert: Frozen Mango Yoghurt


  • Bethan
  • Ben W
  • Doug
  • Ben D
  • Andrew (and, yes, that is indeed Andrew signing up to a vegetarian meal)
  • Peter K
  • Chris A
  • Jane (yoghurty sauce stuff? (raita is it..?) - Raita it is)
  • Simon
  • Helena
  • Daumilas
  • Matt G

Chicken in Palava Sauce

Maximum number of people: 8

  • Starter: - Bruschetta with home made sun dried tomato rolls

  • Main: - Chicken baked in a palava sauce (made from tomatoes, chillis (very hot? - C, can be as hot as people like it, can ditch the chilli entirely if we want - G. "Palava" is Finnish for "burning", so I expect some proper burn! ;) - T, Okay let's discuss hotness then and there ;) - C), ginger, onion and garlic) served with rice

  • Dessert: - Chocolate fondue with various bits of fruit/sweets for dipping (I will bring a pineapple for this if you like!