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Cooking for the Mystery Trip, November 2010

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC Weekend Mystery Trip this weekend. The kitchen is fully applianced with fridge/freezer, cooker/hob, microwave, utensils, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans. The club will supply cooking oil.

Click edit at the top to change the text (you'll need to be logged in to your account the website first - click here to register if you don't have one). You can either suggest a meal idea or join one of the existing ones and you're obviously also welcome to sort yourself out (move your name to 'Independent'). The person who suggests the meal is responsible for arranging the ingredients - everyone else in the group should bring money on the trip to pay for their share, and expect to help with the preparation and washing up.

Meal suggestions by Tuesday evening. Finalise groups by Wednesday night so the person suggesting the meal knows how much they have to buy and have a couple of days to do the shopping.

Mystery Meal (Vegan)

Given the nature of the trip, the meal will follow suit. We'll add a clue each day, which may or may not lead to knowledge about what the meal is. The only fact given at this stage, about which there is no doubt, is that the meal can be classed as suitable for a Vegan diet (other dietary desires/requirements can be considered).


n.b. I've never solved a cryptic crossword clue before, so writing them might mean they don't comply to any standard "rules" - sorry.

  1. Touching from above something that's higher in Greece (5).
  2. Road rage towards a beginner (3).
  3. On an equal level with a small cut (7).

Maximum 8 People

  1. Jon
  2. Amy
  3. Joe
  4. Valerie
  5. Tom
  6. Kirsty
  7. Chris
  8. Phil (if there's still any space, sorry about the late reply) - no probs

Vegetable Stroganoff*

Cancelled through lack of interest

Premièred last year in Snowdonia, this tasty vegetarian meal includes rice, vegetables, stock and cream. (Cream can be left out for individual vegan portions if desired). Max 6 people. If someone would like to add a desert it would be much appreciated! Cost should be less than £3 each.

*As an eigenstate of the stomach operator, this meal does not include any mystery or uncertainty. Terms and conditions apply. Geeky jokes not included in price.

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  6. #

Desert suggestions...



Mystery Meal (Meat)

Along the same lines as above - though I probably shan't give too many clues. It's three courses, contains meat, won't be too spicy or contain anything disgusting like courgettes or fish. Cost will be approx. £3 per person.

Maximum 6 People

  1. Michael F
  2. Jo
  3. Andrew
  4. Mohammad
  5. Ian
  6. Dave
  7. Andrena

Mystery Meal II (Meat)

This meal contains the following main ingredients but I've listed them in a cryptic way: bewin, aval-dor, onyon, ervin. Dessert suggestions welcome (add in section below)

  1. David T
  2. Sarah
  3. Greg
  4. Mark
  5. Andres
  6. Anna
  7. Gordon (Hope I'm not too late. No worries if I am)

Dessert suggestions

Jamaican Ginger Cake, with Golden syrup


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