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Cooking for Rhyd Ddu May 2010

This is a wiki (editable web page) to organise cooking for the CUHWC trip to Rhyd Ddu this weekend. In this hut, all crockery, cutlery, pots and pans are provided and cooking is by hob (Calor gas) and microwave. The club will supply cooking oil.

Click edit at the top to change the text. You can either suggest a meal idea or join one of the existing ones and you're obviously also welcome to sort yourself out. The person who suggests the meal is responsible for arranging the ingredients - everyone else in the group should bring money on the trip to pay for their share, and expect to help with the preparation and washing up. Email Jo if you have any questions.

There is also a pub in the village, the Cwellyn Arms, which serves food.

Meal suggestions by Tuesday evening. Finalise groups by Wednesday night so the person suggesting the meal knows how much they have to buy and have a couple of days to do the shopping.


starter: Spiced carrot and lentil soup

main: cheesy leek and spinach pasta

pudding: deep fried bananas in sesame batter

  1. Valerie Brandt
  2. Thomas Ashton
  3. Trine Petersen
  4. Caroline Hepburn
  5. Bethan Gudgeon
  6. Christian Scheppach


  • Christian says: Should I organise some of the ingredients? Let me know how I can help.
  • Valerie says - I'm buying everything tonight. Please bring some spare cash to help pay for the food. Thanks!


Max. 6 people

Starter: White bean and black olive soup

Main: Thai green curry with purple sprouting

Desert: Stewed rhubarb with date and ginger, topped with coconut cream

  1. Amy Bonsor
  2. Joe Hobbs

Omnivores' (Oh-so-tasty) Option

Chinese lamb stir fry with noodles - should be fairly quick and easy so we won't be hogging hobs...though perhaps we could hog hobnobs instead while we're waiting for said hobs, assuming Hobbs buys some
Summer fruit pudding with cream Can it be whipped? - Generally, yes. If you're lucky it may even be allowed

  • Jo
  • Jon
  • Ian
  • Emma
  • Alex
  • Dave

Carnivores' Option

Just so we have the whole range. Meat Fondue? No sides though, just meat...

  • Meat Fondue is tricky without something that doesn't contain meat. ;) How about mixed grill? I'm sure lard counts as meat. Mixed grill is a better idea though.

    • Don't want to rain on your parade but I'm not sure there's a grill...

      • Mixed grill can be fried, panic over...
    • You can make meat fondue using oil rather than cheese

      • Firstly using cheese in a fondue leads to a cheese fondue. Meat fondue is usually cooked in stock, but I would concur that oil is a slimy alternative, but since when is oil meat based? I have never heard of an oil made from animal fat, but very much look forward to being corrected!
        • I've always used oil, otherwise it's not hot enough, no? I therefore thought animal fat lard would also work.
        • I feel an experiment coming on (having never used oil)... Lakes trip?
        • Gordon did a meat fondue with oil on the Yr Hafod trip
        • Who is it that has never used oil? All Hillwalking fondues I can remember have used oil. Apart from the cheese ones in Switzerland. Dave
        • Jon, who else?! I've always used some kind of stock... I've never had a hillwalking fondue though.


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