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Duffers Trip to Dartmoor Nov 2nd - Nov 4th 2012


Galford Springs Bunkhouse
Nights of Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November
Grid ref SX473862
Post code EX20 4PL
Cost £15pppn


So far:

David P
Alex T
Alex P
Tom O
Helen O


  • DC - Driving to and from Penryn (Cornwall). Not useful to anyone else...
  • DP - Driving from Derby to Kenilworth, and lift-sharing with Tom & Helen from there.
  • Alex and Ausma - could potentially offer a lift northwards on Sunday.
  • RP - Driving down to Cornwall on Monday 29th October, Saltash to Dartmoor on the Friday (would be tempted to do a walk that day if the weather were good) and Dartmoor to Lancaster on Sunday evening - not particularly helpful I guess (?) but I am happy to give lifts and saving petrol money would be good!
  • Mary - travelling from Abingdon (Oxfordshire) after work. Looking for a lift, at least for the last bit to the bunkhouse. Could get a train to Taunton, Exeter, wherever can be picked up. Travelling on to Cornwall after the weekend.
  • Oliver and Gill - we will be driving down from Leicester. Peeps are very welcome to a space; we have an oversized car Mary, we're happy to pick you up from Taunton if you like? I think Mary is now getting a lift with Gordon and Marianne (DC)


I'm not very good at this bit - any ideas for the evening meal?

Any pudding suggestions? - apple and brandy "Tiramisu"? or we have an amazing chocolate brownie recipe.. both very easy (Alex)

  • DC - I was wondering about a spicy butternut squash risotto. This ought to be fairly easy to make in large quantities. If we wanted meat we could add bacon, and it would obviously be easy to have separate meat and veggie options. Equally, if people wanted it less spicy, we could do one with less/no chilli. It did cross my mind that, as it is near to Halloween, one could use pumpkin instead. Not sure how that would go.
    • Mmmm, bacon (DP)
    • How about black/green food colouring everything?! I've heard it makes things look particularly tasty... (RP)
  • can me and gill join in on this? Yes! (DC)


Please can people say if they are bringing maps.

  • DP - OL28 Dartmoor
  • AT - will bring 1:50,000s and should also have the 1:25,000s.