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Glen Shiel, September

To organise the club camping trip to Glen Shiel, 18-26 September.

  • Matthew Graham - 20:31 6 September 2010

    • I picked up the club kit from Joe over the weekend. I've got:
      • three emergency shelters (two 4-6 person and one larger - 6-8?)
      • OS LR33 (Loch Alsh, Glen Shiel & Loch Hourn)
      • OS LR41 (Ben Nevis, Fort William & Glen Coe)
      • two map cases
      • pair waterproof trousers
      • two Windrush headbands
      • first aid kit
      • box of head torches and compasses
    • I didn't bring a club sleeping bag as it was a bit bulky - however if anyone needs one you can borrow mine - email me if so. I'm also happy to lend other bits of my kit so if anyone needs anything desperately email me. If the consensus is that any of the above list is not needed I'll not bring it along to the pub on Thursday, otherwise I'll bring everything and people can decide then what to take.
  • Paul says: It all sounds useful. I'll take the lot.

  • Joe says: Thank you!

People and dates

(you'll only be on here if you're fairly definite)

  • Jo - all week
  • Paul - all week
  • Dave M - probably all week
  • Chris - Sat-Wed
  • Oliver K - all week
  • Gill - all week
  • Valerie - Sat-Wed
  • Tom A - Sat-Wed
  • Toby - weekends only
  • Joe B - probably all week
  • Larissa - all week
  • (DC - possibly Thur 23-Sun 26; independent if coming, except for pick-up from Kyle of Lochalsh)


Note: A bus apparently runs to the camp site from Glasgow, Fort William or Inverness (


  • Paul - driving from Cambridge Sat 18th (with Jo, Larissa & Joe) and back Sat 25th (with Jo, Larissa, Oliver & Gill)
  • Toby - can give lifts from/to Edinburgh on Friday/Sunday nights
  • Tom A - renting a car and departing Cambridge on Sat 18, returning to Cambridge on Wed 22


  • Dave M - not sure where from/to yet
  • Becky - Hereford/West Midlands location lift


  • Paul - with Jo, Larissa, Joe, Oliver & Gill
  • Tom A - with Valerie, Chris and Ken one free space


Add any tent/stove you're planning to bring, so we can make sure everyone's got somewhere to sleep and we don't end up with an excess of anything!

  • Jo - 2-man tent, small stove
  • Dave M - 2-man tent, small gas stove
  • Chris - 2-man tent
  • Paul - tent for myself
  • Christian - small 2-man tent
  • Oliver & Gill - 2-man tent between the two of us, Trangia (i.e. meths stove and set of billies)
  • Tom and Valerie - finally gave in and bought our own two person tent and stove online, should be delivered in time for the trip.

Maps and guides

Who has what?

  • Club - OS LR33 (Loch Alsh, Glen Shiel & Loch Hourn), BMC 1:40k Knoydart & Kintail, OS LR41 (Ben Nevis, Fort William & Glen Coe).
  • Jo - BMC 1:40k, Munro book; also intending to borrow another OS LR33 from St John's library