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Issues with site

List of any problem encountered while using new site (or misspellings in content!). I will try to fix any problems as soon as I can, though obviously with this being exam term that may not be all that quickly!

It would be very helpful if you could state briefly what the problem is, what page you were viewing when it occurred and the browser you use (to help identify if it is an issue specific to a certain browser) - however obviously how much information you give is up to you!

Thanks, Matthew

  • Would be useful if the home link above (on wiki pages) went the wiki page rather than actual homepage, or maybe put a wiki main page link in. Glad to be the first to comment :) Dave

    • I've adjusted the breadcrumb links (those at the top of content section) for wiki pages now to make them a bit more sensible. Thanks for the idea --Matthew
  • Gordon: The new website looks great. Some random ideas:

    • Maybe a wiki page for Photos of trips linked from the main/side/top page - and then at least people can keep it up to date when they have photos from a trip, rather than sending e-mails to only those on the trip?
      • I'm planning to add a form to submit links to external albums which will then be added as a thumbnailed link to the relevant trip-book page (probably with after admin approval to stop spam etc.). The main reason it isn't in place at the moment is that it's a bit of a problem with getting it to work consistently with the various external photo hosting sites people use, but hopefully it should be in place for the first trip. --Matthew
    • The Captcha for wiki editing should really only have hillwalking-related words in :)
      • Very tempting :) . At the moment it's using reCAPTCHA which helps digitise books which I thought was quite clever (the idea not my use of it!) --Matthew
  • 'I agree with Gordon'. Would it be possible to make the links to members' photo albums a bit more obvious, maybe by renaming the 'trip book' section as past trips or something, and/or sending the 'gallery' link there (which currently seems like a bit of a dead end)? I think the photo albums were one of the key parts of the old website. A direct link to the archive of trip photos on the old site could also be useful. Small quibbles though, new site looks great! Ian.

    • See also response to Gordon's comment above :) . Also the gallery section should will be improved (hopefully quite soon) to add thumbnailed links from external albums as well and allow sorting / grouping, by trip, date, author etc. And hopefully all the links to albums on the old site should be added as well, however as that's quite a big job it probably won't be till the summer --Matthew
  • What about the 'People in the club/people who used to be in the club' pages? I thought they were good if updated properly.... KF

    • This seemed to have been hidden on the old site (or at least the page renamed so that it was no longer linked to) which I wasn't sure if there was a reason for (someone had complained perhaps?), hence I've not imported it across yet. I'll try and find out why the old page was moved. --Matthew
    • Three reasons for hiding the old one - 1) it was a bit overly cliquey, 2) it wasn't updated (my fault) and 3) some of the duffers had expressed privacy issues. My grand plan for the replacement was that people would have their own logins and could add their own blurb and picture, which would give a sort of opt-in system and get around the updating problem. Individual logins would also be used for people uploading their own photos, adding comments, etc. Could also have some interesting hillwalking-specific stuff associated to user accounts (to answer things like "who was on that walk with me on the Snowdonia trip 5 years ago..."). Still that's all quite a bit of work and hence I never really got started on it! -Simon
      • User logins where something we (committee) discussed at the pub. I think they would be a good idea in general (and providing the wiki remained accessible without log-in it hopefully wouldn't put new / irregular members off using it which was a point Dave F made to me). A lot of the functionality is already in built in to Drupal I think including user avatars / pictures and the ability to define custom fields on profiles. Displaying stuff like trip attendance, walks done, external albums, quotes etc. on profiles could probably be done by relating user ids to the relevant parts of the online trip book pages, though I guess it would needed be decided whether this would need to be done by each individual (probably unlikely to be kept up to date, but would mean they are explicitly giving their consent) or could be done by others. --Matthew
    • I do agree with Kate that the 'People in the Club' and 'People who used to be in the Club' sections were quite good. It was a good reminder that the Club IS its members, and it helped promote a sense of Club continuity. It also enabled people like Michael A to learn most people's names before even coming to Cambridge, and I liked being able to work out who people were at the Twentieth Anniversary Dinner. It'd also be nice for us oldies to look to see who is involved in the Club today. Was there actually more than one complaint about privacy? I suppose you could just remove those individuals (and if it ends up with lots of people wishing to be removed then you could end up getting rid of the section). Maybe this would get too complicated, but you could even have some vague kinds of rules to stop it being cliquey - e.g. once you've gone on 3 trips, or 2 trips and some socials or whatever? It just needs someone actively looking to add people. But of course logins and adding your own stuff sounds like a good way of doing it...(a seemingly strange suggestion, Simon, from someone not on Facebook, but I guess it gives you the opt out option!). A mischievous critic might say it is just because I still want something of me on the website... I now feel a bit ridiculous for having written all this, but I'd feel more ridiculous if I removed it. I always end up writing too much. Anyway, you shouldn't listen to people like me - it's not as if I've been on a trip for rather a long time... By the way, the website looks very nice! DC
    • I'm so glad DC has written this, it's been a while since the discuss list had a nice long rambling email from DC
  • Sorry for not being utterly constructive, but just wanted to say that this is a fantastic job. The new design is contemporary and clear and all looks really nice and shiny. -- Michael's Kathrin

    • Thank you! --Matthew
  • MLTE link on resources page doesn't work. And should it not be MLTUK? or at least put both :)

    • Now corrected...if I'm being particularly incompetent and MLTS (or MLTNI for that matter, but I assume that's not the one you're referring to!) does in fact have its own website, let me know.
      • No they don't have their own website, hence I said MLTUK, as details are on there for MLTS / MLTNI.
      • Do we have any NI folk?

*minor point but unofficial wiki's that are not mentioned on the wiki page, still show up on the recent activity feed, so are not really 'private'