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Patterdale Extension 2010

A page to organise an extension to the official club trip at the end of term. In the past people have often camped for an extra few days. As far as I know there may not be any drivers for the extension, so it makes sense to sort things out so that trains can be booked.

Official club trip: Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th June


Add your name and the dates you would like to travel for an extension:

  • Ian - Train Carlisle to Cambridge Friday 10th morning
  • Joe - Up to Friday 10th
  • Alex - Anytime after 2nd Junet till the 10th
  • Jo - need to be in Oxford by 9am on the 10th. Booked train Penrith-Oxford at 1805 on Wednesday 9th
  • Dave - Travelling up on Friday with club transport, returning on Friday 10th via Ruth and David.

  • Ruth - I cannot do the extension, though I will be in Glenridding (Mon - Wed) with our Year 7s doing outdoor activities! I will be travelling down to Cambridge from Lancaster on Friday afternoon (11th) for the garden parties (driving to David's then he is driving from there). We could definitely cope with one passenger, probably two back down to Cambridge if that helps anyone. SPACES TAKEN - Dave and Joe

  • Carmen - just to complicate things, Hannah (Robinson) and I are probably going up early rather than staying late to fit in with half term - any teachery types (or others!) like to join us? Not sure about camping arrangements but I'm sure we'll work something out. I'll be driving, probably going up Wed 2nd evening or Thurs 3rd and coming back Sunday 6th. Happy to give lifts. CAR PROBABLY FULL - Amy and Alex

  • Amy - I would be keen to extend before rather than afterwards- maybe I could join Carmen and Hannah?

  • Tom A - (UPDATED 18 May 2010) I won't be on this trip, but just so people are aware, Tom W and Paul will be driving the minibus, which will be leaving Friday night and coming back on Sunday, as usual. Jon, Michael and Gordon will all be driving their cars, but again they only be able to leave Friday and return Sunday as usual, so we should have plenty of spaces traveling to Patterdale for the weekend, but unfortunately people may need to arrange their own transport if they want to extend.


To be arranged when we know people and transport