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Pubs in Cambridge

Following Matt H's email on the Discuss List, this wiki page has been set up for club members to suggest pubs in and around Cambridge where they have enjoyed a few pints, or would like to explore for Vacation Pub Meets or any club event really.

Arranging Vacation Pub Meets via the Discuss List is still preferred on the day.

Discuss List emails have been copied below to start things off, so feel free to add any of your own ideas.

Matt H

Cambridge pubs with big gardens:

  • Cambridge Blue, Gwydir Street (delightful garden)
  • The Empress, Thoday Street, Romsey (has a pig!)
  • Green Dragon, Chesterton, opposite Stourbridge Common
  • The Mill, Mill Lane (if you carry your drinks to Laundress Green, as everyone does)
  • Green Man, Grantchester
  • Red Bull, Barton Road

Pubs with small (but green) beer gardens:

  • A few of the Mill Lane pubs whose names I forget
  • Water Man, Chesterton Road
  • Free Press, near Parkside (I hear)
  • The Maypole, green until they felled the tree last year :(

Greg C

  • I think the boat house if worthy of a mention. No grass but it's a multilevel terrace with view over the river so I feel it counts.
  • I believe the Haymakers now has grass, slightly uninspiring view however...

Paul F

  • While it will lack atmosphere, the Tivoli (Wetherspoons) is about to grow an extra basement floor, which is likely to include a riverside terrace too. Estimated completion 17 April.

Simon W

  • The Fort St George has a great beer garden as does the Panton Arms.