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Scotland (Knoydart) Trip, September 2013

This wiki page is to coordinate plans for the CUHWC Trip to Knoydart, in northwest Scotland, during the first week of September. If you are interested in joining us, list your name below.

This is currently intended to be a backpacking trip, though in the case of foul weather, alternative plans are in place (below).


  • Tom L
  • Mark
  • Fiona
  • Laurent
  • Phil B
  • Alex E


We are intending on starting walking around 10.00 on Monday 2nd September, and finishing walking on the evening of Friday 6th September, travelling home on Saturday 7th September. Some people may extend for one or two days either side (see travel plans below).

Travel Plans

Andrew (No longer coming)

  • Outward: I'll probably be in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st August, so I have booked onto the 17.15 from Edinburgh, getting me into Mallaig for 23.35. I will stay in Mallaig overnight on 31st, and then get the 10.30 ferry on Sunday 1st September, getting me into Inverie for 11.00, where I will do a circular walk from Inverie, before awaiting others' arrival in Inverie on Monday 2nd morning.
  • Return: travelling back on Saturday 7th September on the 10.59 from Inverie to Glasgow Queen Street (arriving at 15.31). Then catching the 16.00 from Glasgow Central to Darlington (via Edinburgh), getting me in at 19.00. I'm travelling first class from Glasgow to Darlington.


  • Travelling up by train on the Sunday 1st with Mark, meet others in Glasgow, camp in Mallaig and catch the Monday morning Ferry to Inverie.
  • Returning to Glasgow by train on Saturday 7th.


  • I've booked the 11:30 train from Kings Cross to Glasgow Queen St (arriving at 17:22) on Sunday 1st Sept, together with the 18:20 train to Mallaig, and getting the first ferry to Inverie the next day.
  • Returning on Saturday 7th, by catching the 10:59 train from Glenfinnan to Glasgow Queen St, then the 16:40 train from Glasgow Central to London Euston.


  • Booked trains Cambridge-Mallaig on Sunday 1st, getting into Mallaig 23:35 with Laurent & Tom
  • Leaving Glenfinnan 10:59 Saturday 7th, getting to Cambridge that night.


  • Sunday 1st Sep: Booked Kings Cross 1130 to Glasgow Queens Street 1616; Glasgow Queens Street 1820 to Mallaig 2335.
  • Saturday 7th Sep: Booked Glenfinnan 1059 to Glasgow Queens Street 1531; Glasgow Queens Street 1620 to Euston 2138

Phil B

  • Out: Sat. 31st Aug. Aviemore 15:24 - 23:35 Mallaig
  • Return: Sat. 7th Sept. Glenfinnan 06:51 - 21:02 Teignmouth


  • Travelling up on 1st September, staying in Mallaig overnight.
  • Returning 7th September

Planned Route

The following is the currently planned route. All days can be lengthened or shortened, and the group can be split if necessary to accommodate different walking options.

Day 1: Monday 2nd September

  • Inverie - north to the edge of the forest - east to include an ascent of Sgur Coire Choinnichean - return by same route - follow the track beside the Abhainn Bheag to the Mam Li col between Ladhar Bheinn and Beinn na Caillich
  • 15km, 1200m
  • A possible evening ascent of Beinn na Caillich would add 3.5km & 350m

Day 2: Tuesday 3rd September

  • Mam Li - Mullach Li - Bealach Ban - Bealach a' Choire Odhair - Stob a' Choire Odhair - Ladhar Bheinn - Stob a' Chearchaill - Mam Barrisdale - Luinne Bheinn - out and back to Meall Buidhe - return to Mam Barrisdale - descend to Barrisdale Bay
  • 24km, 2100m

Day 3: Wednesday 4th September

  • Barrisdale Bay - Gleann Unndalain - Sgurr a' Choire-bheithe - Mam Unndalain - descend to Lochan nam Breac - follow the Allt Coire na Cruaiche to Ben Aden - camp at lochans to SE of Ben Aden
  • 15km, 1700m

Day 4: Thursday 5th September

  • Either Lochans - Sgurr na Ciche - Garbh Chioch Mhor - Sgurr nan Coireachan - An Eag - out and back to Sgurr Beag & Sgurr Mor - Sgurr Cos na Breachd-laoidh - Druim a' Chuirn - Glendessary Lodge
  • 19km, 1900m.

  • Or Lochans - Sgurr na Ciche - Garbh Chioch Mhor - Sgurr nan Coireachan - An Eag (out and back to Sgurr Cos na Breachd-laoidh) - Sgurr Mor - Sgurr an Fhurain - A' Mhaingir - track past Kinbreck - end up near Glendessary Lodge

  • 28km, 2200m

Day 5: Friday 6th September

  • Glendessary Lodge (or near there) - track beside Allt Cuirnean - 471m col - out and back to Streap (if possible) - 471m col - Sgurr Thuilm - Sgurr nan Coireachan - Sgurr an Fhurain Dubh - either just descend to Glenfinnan or include Sgurr an Utha too
  • With Sgurr an Utha, it's 24km, 2400m
  • Missing out Sgurr an Utha would remove about 400m ascent

Contingency Plans

If the weather were forecast to be very bad for all five days, it is quite unlikely we would backpack. The following possibilities exist in case of bad weather.

Day walks from Inverie

  • Sgurr Coire Choinnichean
  • Beinn Bhuidhe
  • Ladhar Bheinn, Luinne Bheinn and Meall Buidhe
  • Beinn na Caillich
  • Lower hills (