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Seathwaite Transport

Transport for Seathwaite 2011

This page is for people offering and seeking transport for the Seathwaite vacation trip 06/01/2011 - 11/01/2011. Contact Tom Ashton for general transport organisation issues.


  • Kirsty - not sure why my initial request disappeared, but anyway, seeing as (I think) the only car going back to Cambridge on the 11th is now full and there was a relatively cheap train ticket, I've now booked one from Oxenholme to Cambridge on the 11th. If anyone could give me a lift to Oxenholme from Seathwaite sometime on that day (my train's not until 4pmish) that'd be great. Or to some intermediary place from which I can walk/get the bus. Haven't completely thought this through yet but thought I'd buy the ticket while it was there as otherwise it'll be delayed by a week and the prices'll go up.
    I have a space going to Penrith station, could possibly go to Oxenholme instead / as well, or lift into kendal or somewhere useful. (Dave)

  • Becky - would anyone be able to pick me up from Penrith station at 9.30am on Sat and let me join them in a walk that day?

  • Oliver Knevitt and Gill James - we're getting the train to Penrith (in at 1553). We were planning on then getting a bus to Keswick and then to Seatoller and walking from there, arriving at the bunkhouse at 6:30ish. If anybody is free to pick us up at any point along the way that would be handy, but otherwise we're happy. As for the return journey, our train leaves at 7pm from Penrith, so we might make a day of it.


  • Mohammad - leaving from Cambridge Fri 07/01/2011 5:30pm, returning Sun 09/01/2011 in evening. Passengers: Michael Fordham, Rowena and probably Becky Shercliff both ways.

  • Ruth and David Pettit - driving from Carnforth/Derby for the weekend.

  • Doug, Bethan, Dave - arriving with Jo, Simon W, Joe H, Matthew, Kirsty, Rob Halbert, Chris Wade and possibly Jane from the Cairngorms.

  • Doug - driving back to Hereford / Gloucester at the end of the trip, giving lift to Chris, Simon W, Rob, and Becky (assuming she signs up/gets place as her name wan't on the email I don't think..?)('twas, can you read Becky Howard or is that too hard for you ;) it says she's coming from Saturday to Monday) (sorry didn't notice becky's name as i was sillily looking for names beginning with B not R.. my bad (Doug)) I like the word sillily :-)

  • Dave is driving back to Glasgow on the last day, giving a lift to AW and Simon B to Penrith station.

  • Paul - driving from Cambridge Thurs 6/01/2010 and returning to Cambridge Tues 11/01/2010 (i.e. the whole trip.) Picking up Alastair at Cam station at 9.04am then Greg at Woodlark Rd at 9.20am. Picking Simon B up at Walsall Morrisons M6 J9 at 11.30am. Picking up Andrew from Penrith Railway Station at 14.30pm. Returning Tuesday first thing (i.e. no walking). Giving lift back to Alastair, Greg, Jo and Bethan.