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Seathwaite Transport 2016

Since people tend to be travelling to our Vacation Trips from numerous destinations across the country, the Club does not organise transport for these trips. This is a wiki page to help coordinate lift sharing for the trip, which begins on Monday 4th and concludes on Friday 8th January. Members are welcome to come for as many or as few nights as they wish.

An e-mail with other details for the trip (food, location, safety information, etc.) has been sent out to everyone who has confirmed as going.

Transport costs for those going from Cambridge will be split equally: private cars, hire cars, ride sharing and public transport (but please be reasonable about public transport tickets — we are not paying £150 for a train ticket!). Let Philip know if you have any questions about transport, and try to minimise your costs. Keep receipts for everything.


Paul C's car

  • Times: out on Monday, back on Friday
  • Route: Cambridge → Seathwaite
  • I would prefer to minimise empty-seat-miles and diversions so I will prioritise those who can between them achieve this i.e. someone joining me all the way one way or the other or both has highest priority. Next would be someone being picked up from near Cam and near my route etc.

Passengers from Cambridge to Seathwaite:

  • Harry C
  • Arion P
  • William G
  • April C

Passengers from Seathwaite to Cambridge:

  • Harry C
  • Arion P
  • William G
  • April C

Public Transport

There are cheap trains to Penrith by Virgin Trains at the moment (£60pp return). There are also cheap coach tickets from National Express from London to Keswick (£50pp return).

It is relatively easy to reach Seathwaite by public transport — the nearest train station is Penrith which is on the West Coast mainline. From Penrith you can take the Stagecoach X4 bus service to Keswick and from there the Borrowdale Rambler (service 78) to Seatoller which is only a short walk from Seathwaite.

Feel free to list your travel plans here to determine if other people are travelling for the same portions of journeys as you.

Bus timetables can be found here:

People Using Public Transport

  • Seb P
  • Simon T
  • Anna W
  • Sophie M (planning to get the 11.21 X4 bus from penrith station on Monday) Ranulph Diggins

People looking for a lift

If you are looking for a lift, register your interest here, including dates and where you are travelling from. Keep an eye on the page to see if any of the vehicles can help you out!

  • Johanna F, Cambridge, 04/01/16

People who have sorted out their own transport

  • Ben C

People who haven’t sorted out anything yet

  • Nobody!