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Seathwaite Trip 2013 Transport

Since people tend to be travelling to our Vacation Trips from numerous destinations across the country, the Club does not organise transport for these trips. This is a wiki page to help coordinate lift sharing for the trip, which begins on Friday 4th January and concludes on Wednesday 9th January. Members are welcome to come for as many or as few nights as they wish.


Paul Cook

From Cambridge 6pm on Jan 4th. Return Jan 9th (after walking if weather is good). Same passengers both trips.

  • Lizzy
  • Anna (Lizzy's friend)
  • Paul Fox

Tom Owen

From Cambridge ~early on Fri Jan 4th (05.30) with intentions of tackling Skiddaw en-route to the bunkhouse (arrival time permitting). Return Sun Jan 6th (leave around 16.30). Tom is taking the bunkhouse key with him.

  • Tuomo Valkonen
  • Available
  • Available

David Ponting

Leaving from Cambridge (c. 5pm) on 4/1/13, returning to Cambridge (leaving around 5pm, so after a full day's walk) on 6/1/13. Room for 3 passengers. Travelling A14/A1/A66; can pick people up on the way.

  • Helene Wolleb
  • Tom Glen (up only please? - that's fine. DP.)
  • Katie Atkinson
  • Note to my passengers (I'll try get this out by email as well) - can you please send me (djp59) your mobile numbers, and where in Cambridge you live so I can arrange a central pick-up point, ASAP?

Jo Smith (in Michael's car)

Leaving from Kingussie via Glasgow on Sat 5th Jan, returning to Cambridge on Sun 6th Jan (departing by mid-afternoon). Room for 2 passengers.

List of people travelling:

Helen P

Leaving Cambridge: Friday 4th January 2013 (4/5pm ish). Returning to Cambridge: Sunday 6th January 2013 (4/5pm ish)

Can pick people up on route: travelling A14, A1, A66.

People travelling:

  • Helen
  • Vicky
  • Dave M (up only)

Greg Chadwick

Leaving Cambridge Friday evening 5pm approx. Returning Monday after walking. Traveling up A1 & can pick up / drop off on the way.

  • Greg
  • Laurent
  • Joe
  • Dave M down only
  • Becky

People Seeking Lifts

Public Transport

It is relatively easy to reach Seathwaite by public transport — the nearest train station is Penrith which is on the West Coast mainline. From Penrith you can take the Stagecoach X5 bus service to Keswick and from there the Borrowdale Rambler (service 78) to Seatoller which is only a short walk from Seathwaite.

Feel free to list your travel plans here to determine if other people are travelling for the same portions of journeys as you.

Bus timetables can be found here:

Note that Tom Owen is taking the bunkhouse key with him. His time of arrival will depend upon whether he and his passengers choose to walk before heading to the bunkhouse or not. Don't expect him there before 16.30, so don't plan to arrive before this. Or if you do, feel free to go for a walk while waiting!

People Using Public Transport

  • Tom Glen - return to Cambridge. Train from Penrith at 1pm on the 9th.
  • Goody - Either by public transport or being dropped off by car on the 6th, then leaving via bus, bus and train to Edinburgh on the 9th.
  • Jack Day - return to Wolverhampton. Train from Penrith at 5pm on the 9th.