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Societies' Fair 2010 - Stall rota

Please sign up to help in your preferred slot (and don't feel restricted to just the one!) If you can manage partial slots then that's fine too, just note it down.

2 people are needed at all times (3 is the maximum).

We are on stall H8, right in the middle of the Main Hall. You don't need to queue up, just go down the side of KK and enter through the stall-holders' door about halfway down. Please be on time (you might need to allow extra to fight through the hordes once inside...) And the more stash the better!

[l|/users/jo-smith|Jo] - I'm fairly flexible and can fill in the gaps whenever, except Tuesday evening and ~12.30-14.30 on Wednesday

[l|/users/joe-hobbs|Joe] says: I'm happy to be there whenever except Tuesday afternoon. I'll bring the boards and take them away with me - would someone volunteer to help carry them from Fitz? And back again or give them a home in town?

[l|/users/matthew-graham|Matthew Graham] - 12:27 27 September 2010 - I'll help carry them

I think I've got some introductory thing on Wednesday but not sure when yet so will see, sorry! Jane

Likewise with the introduction stuff on Wednesday afternoon. Can help anytime tuesday. I can help with the boards too if you want Joe? Dave M

My introductory thing is on the Thursday :) but I've JCR maltriculation stuff most of tuesday afternoon and I'm not sure what time starting.....however I appear to be pretty much free all day Wednesday not anymore....:D - Bethan

Tuesday 5 Oct

9am-10am: Set-up - Joe, Matthew
10-11h - Matthew, Jane, Joe
11-13h - Matthew, Jane, Joe
13-15h - Jo, Dave M
15-17h - Jo, Dave M
17-19h - Jo (til 6.20), Dave F, Kirsty (from 5.30)

[l|/users/matthew-graham|Matthew Graham] - 15:51 01 October 2010 - If no-one else can manage I can probably help

Wednesday 6 Oct

9-11h - Matthew, Jo, Bethan
11-13h - Matthew, Jo (till 12.30), Bethan
13-15h - Joe, Bethan
15-16h and clear-up - Joe, Jo, Bethan