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What do people think of the new stash design?

Design A

Design B


Design A
  • Kate H
  • DP
  • Mark
  • Simon W
  • Dave M
  • Ponting
  • Jon
Design B
  • Dave
  • Andrew


Like it! :D
Can we put Cambridge in the middle somehow? Had forgotten that idea. Will play after exams. Other suggestions welcome.

Edale is a village whereas all the others are mountain ranges (I think!). Maybe Peak District would be better instead?
- Antarctica isn't - and you can hardly call the Brecon Beacons a mountain range either...

I like it too. Prefer the one with distances. Like it. Distances definitely good. Cambridge in middle is a good plan. Maybe some wiggles in the shape of a key range at each location or is that a bit over complicated?

I LIKE IT! Circle in the middle of the star, with CUHWC in it instead of above maybe? then don't need to write cambridge.

Is Antarctica really the first thing high when you travel north out of cambridge? If so - wow!

If I post this, I can get off google earth and back to work: There's a cute range in Western Siberia at 179Deg52'7.55''W 68Deg11'0.00''N (Cambridge is 0Deg7'52.45''E) It would seem that they're about as tall as the Scottish Highlands. Though admittedly the "obscure-set-of-hills-in-Western-Siberia-that-are-only-modest-in-size" is probably a bit long for a t-shirt!

  • I should have known that any use of an artistic licence would be scrutinised by the science orientated club. Get over it, I knew about them but chose to ignore them. If you want you can find the other artistic points. (at least 2 more). Who was that complaint from anyway?

  • Don't set me map orientated riddles! I find it really hard to STOP looking at them. (Also, Lat/Long is a bit harder to calculate for NW/NE/SW/SE). I'm Chris btw, who are you? Ah, I didn't recognise the style. Dave

    • Here comes the science: I've worked them on great circle lines. N/S are obvious, E/W are therefore not the same latitude as Cambridge, simply a great circle that is orientated E/W as it passes through Cambridge(specifically Emma, where the annual dinner was). And yes NW/NE/SW/SE are really tricky. I used an atlas and then Google earth. Dave
    • Lack of dedication... where is the spherical trig!