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Transport for Cairngorms Vacation Trip

Here is the wiki for planning transport to Muir Cottage in the Cairngorms from March 15-21. Please fill it in, particularly if you're planning to drive.

Important details about the bunkhouse

Muir Cottage is located a little over 5 miles west of Braemar, and is in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, North Eastern Scotland.

You can take the train up to Aviemore, Aberdeen or Inverness, and you can rent a car from any of these places. The distance and duration of drives from those stations to the bunkhouse (according to Google Maps) as follows:

Aberdeen: 62 miles, 1 hour 35 minutes Aviemore: 64 miles, 1 hour 42 minutes Inverness: 84 miles, 2 hours 8 minutes

People who are driving there

Please note how many people you want to take, where you're setting off from, etc..

**Car 1 - ** Simon Matthews

  • No. of Passengers: 3
  • Route: From and to Edinburgh Airport (happy to pick up anyone arriving in the general area)
  • Dates: 15th (leaving Edinburgh about 4pm), 20th (I anticipate spending most of the day in the Cairngorms, then will head to Edinburgh in the evening).

Passengers outbound:

  1. Patrick
  2. Tom
  3. Ellie

Passengers return:

  1. Ellie

** Car 2** Toby Roney

  • No. of Passengers: 3 (it's not a small car, but depending on what you bring, you may have to have bags on your laps).
  • Route: Leaving Cambridge Sunday 15th, I am able to pick you up from town centre. Returning Friday 20th BUT headed to Sheffield. If you wanted to be dropped off on route somewhere, I can do that.
  • Dates: Leaving Sunday 15th, return Friday 20th.

Passengers outbound:

  1. Miriam (from Cambridge)
  2. Michal
  3. Bronwen (from Cambridge)

Passengers return:

  1. Miriam (to Sheffield)
  2. Michal (to Sheffield)

Please note where you will be traveling from/to

**Car 3 - ** YuGeng Zhang

  • No. of Passengers: 3
  • Route: From and to Edinburgh
  • Dates: 18th - return 20th

Passengers outbound:

Passengers return:

  1. Patrick

**Car 4 - ** Bill Curtis

  • No. of Passengers: 2 (plus club kit)
  • Route: From and to Cambridge
  • Dates: 15th to 20th or 21st (TBD)

Passengers outbound:

  1. Paul Fox
  2. Mary

Passengers return:

  1. Paul Fox

People who want to be driven there

People who want to get there by public transport

  • Mary: If we are lacking drivers, I will hire a car - looks to be about £400 (with young drivers surcharge) so I will only do it if necessary.
  • Ollie: Booked 0801 train from Cambridge on the 14th to Blair Atholl on the A9, arriving at 1529. £48.28 with split tickets. Will then walk up the spectacular Glen Tilt for 3-4 hours until dark and camp overnight on the 14th. Early start on the 15th to complete walk to the bunkhouse, potentially with Munros en route if making good time. Total walking 22 miles and 1500ft ascent for direct route. Foul weather plan is hitch from Pitlochry on the 14th. Company welcome but would need to bring own tents etc. Let me know.