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Transport for Coniston Vacation Trip 2017

** This is an old wiki for last year's trip (Jan 2017) **

This wiki page is intended to help coordinate lift sharing to and from the club's Winter Vacation Trip to the Barrow Ski and Mountaineering club cottage in the Lake District from Friday 6th January until Tuesday 10th. This page is editable by anyone with an account on the club website — please go [l|/user/register|here] to register if you don't have already have one. That said, please sign up to the trip (by filling out the webform or emailing the President) before adding your name here!

Hut location

See a map here.

Getting to the hut using public transport

  • Fast trains link Lancaster with London, Manchester, Preston and Scotland, slower trains also head East towards Leeds etc..
  • From Lancaster, you can get a train towards Barrow, get off at Ulverston.
  • Stagecoach run a decent service from Ulverston up to Coniston, and you'll then need to walk the last bit up the hill to the bunkhouse.
  • For exact journey times, try using the Traveline website's journey planner.
  • I (Paul C) will pick people up from Ulverston on Friday afternoon/evening by car. Sign up below with preferred time and I will try and come up with a time that suits everyone.

Transport arrangements

People offering lifts:

Paul C

  • All 4 nights
  • Car from Cambridge and back


  1. Erin Barnard
  2. Alex Diggins
  3. Paul Fox
  4. Suxue(Shirley) Zhang

Ulverston to Bunkhouse on Friday evening (time TBA)

Driver Two: Jens (rental car option)

  • All 4 nights
  • Car from Cambridge and back

  • Final price hard to estimate but I'd assume cheaper and more convenient than the train (~ \w return £120 without railcards)


  1. Matt Lees
  2. (Club Kit?)


  • Route: as agreed
  • Days: as agreed

    1. Ben C
    2. Martha
    3. Laura
    4. Gerry

People using public transport:

People looking for lifts:

  • Emma Bennion-Pedley - Anyone driving up from/via Dorset/London?