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Transport for Cwm Dyli Vacation Trip, April 2018

This wiki page is intended to help coordinate lift sharing to and from the club's Easter Vacation Trip to the Emily Kelly Hut in Snowdonia from 6th to 11th April. This page is editable by anyone with an account on the club website — please go here to register if you don't have already have one. That said, please sign up to the trip (by filling out the webform before adding your name here!

Hut location

See a map here.

Public transport

There is a train service which runs to Betws-y-Coed, not far from the hut - located here.

The last leg of the journey can be completed via bus - the S2 bus service runs from Betws-y-Coed to Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel on an approximately hourly basis both weekdays and weekends. The timetable can be viewed here.

From Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel, it's only a short walk (a mile and a half) to the Emily Kelly hut - it might even be possible to get picked up by one of the drivers below! See the route here.

Transport arrangements

People offering lifts:

Chris Kassam

  • Car from Cambridge & back
  • Depart 6th April (evening), return 8th April (evening)
  • Also happy to stop by train stations in Shrewsbury or Betws-y-Coed on the way to/from Cwm Dyli

Passengers Cambridge --> Cwm Dyli, 6th April - space for 4

  1. Miriam Guth
  2. Oliver Neale
  3. Prabhvir Marway
  4. Luke Hodgkinson

Passengers Cwm Dyli --> Cambridge, 8th April - space for 4

  1. Miriam Guth
  2. Oliver Neale
  3. Prabhvir Marway
  4. Luke Hodgkinson

Paul C

  • **Car from Cambridge & back (4 passengers) **
  • Depart 6th April (afternoon), return 11th April (evening)
  1. Sarah Mitchell

Gabor / Brigitta

  • Depart 7th April (afternoon), return 11th (evening)


  1. Gabor/Brigitta
  2. Bill Curtis IF either leaving on 7th OR returning on the 10th, then I can ride with you each way respectively, otherwise I will take public transport.

Example Driver

  • All 4 nights
  • Car from Cambridge and back


  1. Passenger 1
  2. Passenger 2

People using public transport:

  • Cameron
    • Train from home to Betws-y-Coed on Sat 7th arriving at 17:01 (probably).
  • Patrick + Cameron
    • Train from Betws-y-Coed to home on Wed 11th leaving at 12:02 (probably).

People looking for lifts:

  • Patrick + Cameron. Lifts to (both of us) and from (just Cameron) Betws-y-Coed train station would be much appreciated. (Probably) arriving Sat 7th at 17:01; leaving Wed 11th at 12:02. Paul Cook: I'll happily pick you up after finishing a walk on Saturday. i.e. it might be much later than 5pm. If you are happy to wait somewhere in Betws, then I'll get you at some point. Cameron R: Thank you, that would be fantastic