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Transport for Cym Dyli Vacation Trip 2016

This wiki page is intended to help coordinate lift sharing to and from the club's Easter Vacation Trip to the Pinnacle Club Hut in Snowdonia from Friday 8th April until Wednesday 13th. This page is editable by anyone with an account on the club website — please go [l|/user/register|here] to register if you don't have already have one. That said, please sign up to the trip (by emailing the President) before adding your name here! We will pool reasonable travel costs equally between everyone travelling all the way from Cambridge to Wales, so please don't be put off coming if you can't find a car and need to travel by train/bus.

Hut location

See a map here.

Getting to the hut using public transport

  • The nearest train station is Betws-y-Coed, with trains running up the Conwy Valley line, connecting with the North Wales Coast Line and the National Rail network.
  • There is a bus service timetable here. This bus runs between Betws-y-Coed and Pen-y-Pass which is around a 2km walk from the hut.
  • Trains also run to Porthmadog, on the Cambrian Line, for services to Birmingham, which connect with buses running to Pen-y-Pass here
  • For the extra athletic, the cycle from Bangor to Cym Dyli looks quite pleasant, as well as avoiding the branch-line trains.

Transport arrangements

People offering lifts:

Driver One: Kathryn Dingle

  • Days: Friday (leave around midday) to Monday (return in afternoon/evening)
  • Route: Cambridge to the hut


  1. Adrien
  2. Juliette
  3. Sumita C(Cambridge to Cwm Dyli only))

Matt H

  • Days: Depart Impington Friday evening, return Tuesday daytime. Email me for directions to my house in Impington.


  1. Matt H
  2. Isy G
  3. Club kit
  4. Club kit

NB. My car has only 4 seats.

Simon Williams

Friday - Sunday

2 spaces

  1. Ben Brunt
  2. Alex Howes

Matt A

  • Days: Depart Friday evening 17:30, return Tuesday afternoon
  • Route: Leaving from Churchill, going via Shrewsbury (to pick up Anthony) and Oswestry Aldi (to pick up food). Probably returning via Birmingham takeaway.


  1. Matt A
  2. Erin Barnard
  3. Susie Russell
  4. Johanna F
  5. Anthony Kendrick (Shrewsbury to Cwm Dyli only)
  6. Ben H (return only)

N.B. - there is one more person who will be traveling back on Tuesday with one of the Matts

Andy H

  • Days:Fri-Sun
  • Route: Leave west Cambridge around Friday 5:30, return Sunday afternoon or evening. Via Rugby, Shrewsbury.


  1. Rose
  2. Philip
  3. Sumita (Cwm Dyli to Cambridge only)

People using public transport:

  • Ranulph-making my own way to and from hut. Might have to be picked up from Bedgelert if I miss the bus but hopefully the various connections should work.

People looking for lifts: