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Transport for Glencoe, March 2017

Here is the mandatory wiki for planning transport to Scotland for the Easter Glencoe trip. Please put yourself into one of the following three categories.

People who are driving there

Please note how many people you want to take, where you're setting off from, etc..


  • Hire car driving from and back to Cambridge.
  • Passengers: 3 for the bulk of the journey
  • Dates: leaving for Scotland on Saturday 25th March morning; returning to Cambridge on Saturday 1st April.


  1. Paul F
  2. Erin B
  3. Alex D
  4. David H from Crianlarich area to main bunkhouse (if he'll fit - there's a bus if not)



  • Driving from and back to Derby.
  • Passengers: Max. 3 passengers. Happy to pick up en route (slight detours OK, though I'd prefer to avoid city centre traffic), or could probably host in Derby the night before (it's well-connected by train eg. 1h30 from London St. Pancras. Note below if interested).
  • Route: Probably Derby -> Stoke-on-Trent -> M6 -> A74 -> A82 -> Glen Coe, though could do A1 if anyone from Yorkshire wants picking up. Will probably stretch legs on the way, with a wander by the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.
  • Dates: Travelling up morning Sunday 26th (depart Derby 8ish a.m.); returning afternoon Friday 31st (though could stay elsewhere until Saturday 1st/Sunday 2nd if people are keen on more time in Scotland- say so below).

Interested people:

  1. Jose G - maybe only one way
  2. David Z - Also may be one way
  3. Bronwen F - both ways. I live in Northumberland so it would be great if I could be picked up from the A1 in or near Newcastle.


  • Driving to/from Preston (if not then shropshire but will definetly be driving through Preston). Drving up Sun 26th, back Fri 31st. Max 4 people but that will be a very tight squeeze with bags so 2 or 3 more realistic.

Interested people:

People who want to be driven there

Please note where you will be travelling from/to

  • Jose G from/to Derby - probably with matt, probably one way.
  • David Z to/from Cambridge — no objection to going by public transport, and probably one way.

People who want to get there by public transport

  • Bronte Philips, to/from Cambridge. Arriving in Glasgow by train at 3.02pm for 6.00pm bus from Glasgow to Glencoe
  • David H to/from Preston — travelling by train to meet Andrew & co. on Saturday 25th, returning 31st on Caledonian Sleeper
  • Toby L, to/from London. Arriving in Glasgow 0700 on Megabus Gold (not yet booked), duffing about all day, and likey taking the 1800 bus from Glasgow to Glencoe. Returning 31st on Caledonian from Fort William.
  • jmf88, Arriving in Glasgow Sun 26 Mar 16:10. Taking the bus around 6pm to the hut. Returning to Cambridge Fri 31 Mar 20:50 from Glasgow.
  • Prabhvir Marway: Arriving in Glasgow Sunday 08:10 via National Express Coach. Keen to explore Glasgow before getting the 1800 bus to Glencoe. Returning 22:30 Friday from Glasgow to London via National Express.