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Transport for Glencoe trip, 17th to 22nd March 2019

Here is the wiki for planning transport to Scotland for the Easter Glencoe trip from Sun 17th to Fri 22nd March. Please fill in, particularly if you're planning to drive.

Important details about the bunkhouse

We're going to the SMC's Lagangarbh hut. There is a fairly regular bus (no. 915) from Glasgow to Glencoe (and on to Fort William) for those interested in going by public transport. It's about a three mile walk from the nearest official bus stop (at the Glencoe Mountain Resort) but bus drivers may be persuaded to stop in the layby at Altnafeadh just by the bunkhouse.

People who are driving there

Please note how many people you want to take, where you're setting off from, etc..

Car 1 - Toby Roney

  • No. of Passengers: I can take 2 people.
  • Route: Would like to leave from Shelford Train Station, so if you would like a lift it would be useful if you could get there. Train from Cambridge to Shelford costs a couple of pounds.
  • Dates: . I'll be leaving 17th early morning. It doesn't look like I'll be heading back, as I will be driving elsewhere. If you want to message me with questions please Facebook me - Toby Roney. I'll be driving up in a Defender so there will be plenty of space for kit. :)

Passengers outbound:

  1. Mary Murray
  2. Bronwen F

Passengers return:

  1. N/A
  2. N/A

Car 2 - Sarah Mitchell

  • Arrive at bunkhouse 17th, depart 22nd (times flexible based on demand, but I do quite like driving in the light)
  • Car from Darlington & back
  • I'm happy to pick people up from a train station or have a bit of a detour if your house is relatively on the way

Darlington to Glencoe, 17th March

  1. Cameron Ramsay

Glencoe to Darlington, 22nd March

Car 3 - Rob Thompson

These dates / number of places may change slightly, Rob has asked me to put this up on his behalf - PF

Cambridge to Glencoe, 17th March

  1. Paul F
  2. Tom Spencer
  3. Chris H

Glencoe to Cambridge, 22nd March

  1. Paul F
  2. Tom Spencer
  3. Sarah Ma

People who want to be driven there

Please note where you will be traveling from/to

  • Rebecka Nordenlöw from and to Cambridge
  • Peter Mernyei from and to Cambridge
  • Mary from Cambridge to Glencoe (will make my own way home)
  • Bronwen from Cambridge to Glencoe (will make my own way home)
  • Johanna from and to Cambridge

People who want to get there by public transport

  • Sarah Ma - Am getting the sleeper to Edinburgh on Thursday night (interview on Friday) and then will head up to Loch Lomond NP; is anyone else heading up early?