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Transport for Glencoe trip, March 2018

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Here is the mandatory wiki for planning transport to Scotland for the Easter Glencoe trip (we have the bunkhouse booked from the afternoon of the 21st to the morning of the 27th).

Important details about the bunkhouse

  • Grid reference NN. 116577
  • Map is attached at top of page
  • The hostel is ~2.75km from the bus stop (so around a 45 minute walk, give or take 10 minutes).
  • There is phone signal in the glen but it rapidly becomes patchy as you gain elevation.
  • The address is Glencoe Independent Hostel, Glencoe, Near Ballachulish, Argyll, PH49 4HX but be aware that the postcode covers a very large area

People who are driving there

Please note how many people you want to take, where you're setting off from, etc..


  • Hire car driving from Cambridge. After the end of the trip I'm going to St Andrew's for a few days, so can't offer a lift back until the Thursday of that week.
  • Passengers: 4
  • Route: flexible- can probably pick people up en-route
  • Dates: . 21st-29th


  1. Danny (I'll be going back to Cambridge a day earlier, so I'll be in this car only on the way up!)
  2. Matt L (from Cambridge only)
  3. Dom
  4. Johanna (also only on the way up I guess!)

Yangzi - Is there anymore room on the way up?

Matt- Journey there

  • Driving from Derby, in family's car, and happy to take people from there (2h30 from Cambridge by train, period return's £37.50) or pick up en route.
  • Passengers: Max. 4 in car
  • Route: Either A50, M6, A74, A82 or M1, A1, A69, A74, A82
  • Dates: 21st March, aiming to leave Derby ~ 0800

Interested people:

  1. Yangzi: From Rutherglen, Glasgow, ~1300 - MA
  2. Mallika: From Rutherglen, Glasgow, ~1300 - MA

Matt- Journey back

  • Driving to Derby, in family's car, and happy to take people to there (2h30 to Cambridge by train, period return's £37.50) or drop off en route.
  • Passengers: Max. 4 in car
  • Route: A82, A74, A69, A1, M1
  • Dates: Tuesday 27th March, aiming to arrive in Derby ~1900

Interested people:

  1. Matt L: to Derby station.
  2. Yangzi: to Derby station
  3. Mallika: to Rutherglen, Glasgow -MA

People who want to be driven there

Please note where you will be traveling from/to

  • Looking for a return drop off (i.e. to a convenient station) on the way back

People who want to get there by public transport

  • Sarah M - Arriving into Glasgow on 21st at 12:22. Catching 15:00 915 bus from Buchanan Bus Station to arrive into Glencoe village at 17:46 ish
  • Bronwen - arriving in Fort William at 21:06 on Thursday 22nd (Simon is picking me up for the final leg). Getting the train home with Sarah.
  • Ben L - Train from Middlesbrough to Glasgow then bus to Glencoe on 21st. Reverse on 27th.
  • Chris both ways