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Transport for Snowdonia Vacation Trip 2014

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This page is intended to help coordinate lift sharing to and from the club's Easter Vacation Trip to the Pinnacle Club Hut in Snowdonia from Friday 21st March until Wednesday 26th. This page is editable by anyone with an account on the club website - please go [l|/user/register|here] to register if you don't have already have one.

Hut location

See a map here.

Information on public transport

  • The nearest train station is Betws-y-Coed, with trains running up the Conway Valley line, connecting with the North Wales Coast Line and the National Rail network.
  • There is a bus service timetable here. This bus runs between Betws-y-Coed and Pen-y-Pass which is around a 2km walk from the hut.
    • Trains also run to Porthmadog, on the Cambrian Line, for services to Birmingham, which connect with buses running to Pen-y-Pass here

Transport arrangements

People offering lifts:

Michael - three spaces in car. Leaving Friday evening from Cambridge and returning Sunday evening

  • Joe Hobbs
  • Constanze
  • Vicky Ward

Anthony - four spaces in car. Leaving Friday Bristol/Bath area and returning Wednesday. Will be driving by sort of M5 - Worcester - Kidderminster - Shrewsbury.

  • Tom L - from near Walsall Morrisons, train arrives 15:18 to Bescot Stadium station(up only)
  • Jamie C - as above

Matt - Departing Cambridge Friday afternoon, returning Monday evening. Three spaces.

  • Andrew (outward only)
  • Alex K
  • Antonia
  • Johannes (return only)

Paul C - Departing Cam Fri afternoon, returning Weds afternoon. Car is now full.

  • Paul F - from and to Cambridge. Aiming to go from Friday to Wednesday
  • Philip - Friday evening from Cambridge, returning to Cambridge or M6 junction 1 (or thereabouts) on Wednesday.
  • Johannes - only Friday from Cambridge, is that possible?(return already on Monday) - Paul C: yes Johannes that is fine.
  • Jade - from Betws Friday only

Marcus - Departing SW London Friday lunchtime, returning Tuesday morning. Three spaces (2 excluding Ben) but not driving via Cambridge either way.

  • Josh A - A40
  • Ben More (on Jade's lap to Betws return only)
  • Andrew (return journey only)

Charlotte - Driving (slowly) from London on Sunday; leaving earlyish Wednesday morning. 3 spaces available to any that want them

  • Tom L (returning only)
  • Jamie C (returning only)

People after lifts:

  • Hussam - anytime from Cambridge on Friday, returning to Cambridge on Sunday evening.

People using public transport:

  • Dave H - will travel on Saturday afternoon/evening from Preston, via Chester, and will head back on Wednesday
  • Toby L?
  • Jade - arriving in Betws by train from York Fri 19:45, departing Tues 12:13