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Unofficial Mournes Trip 2014

Unofficial Mournes Trip 2014

This wiki page is to organise the unofficial trip to the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland, in late June and early July 2014.

 H. Ward

 V. Ward.


Two cars (VW and hire).

Outbound Flights


  • HP arrives 08.15 (Intl.)
  • MT & CZ arrive 09.45 (Intl.)


  • JC arrives 12.00 (City)
  • CA arrives 12.55 (City)
  • JC and CA catch bus to Belfast International airport
  • MH & MJ arrive 14.30 (Intl.)
  • Collect car 15.00 from Budget and drive to Mournes


  • AW arrives 17.05 (Intl)
  • CH & FH to be collected from Great Victoria Street / Europa Bus Centre at ~18.00

Return Flights

  • Thursday 3rd: HP departs from Intl.
  • Saturday 5th: MT, CZ, MH, MJ, CH & FH depart from Intl. at ~13.55. Five in MH's car; sixth person TBC
  • Saturday 5th: AW, JC & CA from City at 13.35, 13.30 and 15.20, respectively - transport with VW to airport


VW needs paying £10 for hire-car costs. Bank details in email.

Luggage & Kit

Things Vicky has

  • Beds (for five)
  • Bedding &c.
  • Unlimited tents
  • Towels
  • Facilities for washing & drying clothes

Hand luggage or hold luggage

  • Marcus - just hand luggage - hold may be necessary (could share with CZ)
  • Andrew - hold luggage
  • Chris - just hand luggage
  • Helen - Just Hand luggage
  • Mark - HOLD luggage
  • Constanze - just hand luggage
  • Felicitas - just hand luggage

Extra kit you can bring

Please put your name beside the following items if you intend on bringing. If you do not have hold luggage please refer to list above to coordinate. Feel free to add to list.

Things needed:

  • 6 sleeping bags - Vicky (2), Andrew (1), Chris (1), Mark (1), Matt (1)
  • 6 carry mats - Vicky (4), Mark (1), Andrew [Therm-a-rest] (1)
  • Compasses (5) - Vicky (1), Marcus (1), Andrew (1), Chris (1), Mark (1)
  • Maps - Vicky (UNLIMITED), Andrew (1), DO NOT BUY ANY
  • First-aid kits - Vicky (1)
  • Emergency shelters?
    • I've never personally bothered in the Mournes...but part of me believes that since this is an unofficial trip.... [VW]
    • I'll have a one-man shelter. I don't think we need to bother with anyone beyond that really, but my attitude to safety is possibly a bit lax... [AW]

N.B. Any Club kit we want obviously needs arranging with Safety Officers prior to the end of term. We may not want much/anything.


Please bear in mind we have no microwave!

Tesco Order

Please indicate below any food you wish to order.

  • Breakfast stuff
    • Milk
    • Quaker porridge oats - I guess several people will want these
    • Cereal (I like Fruit n Fibre - MJ - me too! CH)
    • Weetabix MT
    • Bread for toast & jam/butter MT
  • Sandwich stuff
    • Bread, pittas, bagels
    • Cheese
    • Ham
    • Salad
  • Snacks
    • Fruit, particularly bananas and (Braeburn) apples, any soft fruit in season
    • Dried fruit, nuts
    • Malt loaves
    • Chocolate
    • Crisps
    • Cereal bars
    • Sweets to share
  • Meals
    • For stew [MH]: chicken thighs on bones, 1 per person + veg (parsnips, carrots, swede, sweet potato, celery, onion) ginger garlic spices
    • For crumble [MH]: cooking apples (1 per person) + oats + flour + margarine + sugar + frozen blackberries (or similar) + custard tins or powder
    • For hikers' soup [CH & FH]: veggie soup cubes to make broth, 2 packs of vermicelli noodles (or any type of thin noodle really)
    • For pizza [CH & FH]: 1.5 kg of flour, 4 packets of dry yeast, olive oil, 3 cans of tomato, 2 cans of tuna, 500g mushrooms, 3 packs of ham, 3 packs of salami, 1 jar of olives, mature cheddar (500g or 2 packs?), oregano
    • For banana bread [CH & FH]: 500g self raising flour, 4 eggs, 6 bananas, 500ml double cream, some golden syrup and some black treacle
    • For trifle [AW]: three tins of peaches, three packets of orange jelly, one large tub of double whipping cream, some sponge fingers, three tins of custard
    • For red pepper chicken [MT]: easy cook rice to boil (2-3oz per person), chicken breasts (1 per person), 4 red peppers, 2 large onions, garlic, 3 tins of tomatoes, olive oil, 4tbsp tomato puree, parsley, green olives, black olives, 3tsp tarragon vinegar, cumin, brown sugar
    • For squash soup [MT]: 1 butternut squash, 1 onion, 1 small chilli (optional), garlic, 1 celery stick, 1 carrot, 1 potato, nutmeg (optional), 1 pint vegetable stock, coriander
    • For lasagne [JC & CZ]: mince for 8 people, veggie mince for 2 people, oxo, onion, pasta sheets, white sauce

Cooking Wiki

I propose one/two people do each day (nor does every day have to have a starter). Don't feel you have to do an entire menu, just pick a course and run with it. Please put ingredients on the food order. Though we have plenty of access to supermarkets as there's a Tesco on the drive home from the Mournes each day and a Lidl 10 minutes from my house...but like bulky stuff may as well be bought...

Monday 30th June

Vicky's Mother is cooking us a banquet apparently... Please indicate any dietary or food requirements.

  • Food sounds epic. [AW]
  • Vegetarian (but not a very strict one - so if easier to have meat then I will eat it)

Tuesday 1st July


  • Starter: (Anyone?)
  • Main: Chicken and vegetable stew
  • Dessert: Apple and blackberry crumble

Wednesday 2nd July

Marcus & Andrew

  • Starter: (maybe spicy) butternut squash soup
  • Main: red pepper chicken with rice (or veggie alternative?)
  • Dessert: peach trifle

Thursday 3rd July

Constanze and Felicitas

  • Starter: Noodle soup
  • Main: Pizza w/ various toppings
  • Dessert: Bananabread with toffee sauce

Friday 4th July

Jade and Charlotte

  • Starter:
  • Main: Lasagne
  • Dessert:

Walk Plans

Some of the major peaks in the Mournes are listed here.

Some possible ideas for walks include:

  • Slieve Croob – post-airport collection (or pre-drop off) potentially?