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Wolfson June Event 2014

Some people have expressed an interest in going to Wolfson June Event on Friday 20th June in May Week 2014. This is following how much those who attended last year enjoyed it. The theme is 'New York'. This wiki page is to coordinate ticket buying for the event.

TICKETS HAVE BEEN ON SALE ON SATURDAY 8TH MARCH! If you want to guarantee being able to come, buy yours soon. They cost a meagre £70. If you are not a CU member (i.e., do not have a CRSid), you can either ask someone who is to buy you a ticket or you can try emailing Wolfson June Event directly to buy one.

Interested people:

People who have bought tickets:

  • TJH
  • VRW
  • AGW
  • CMH
  • MAT
  • TAL
  • SJW
  • AC
  • BM
  • JSLC
  • CDA
  • GAC
  • PJF