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Youngish Duffers' New Year Trip 2014-2015

Welcome to the Young (-ger, -ish, -at heart?) Duffers' New Year Trip wiki. Here we will organise transport, food and anything else we can think of. (New Year's Eve games, perhaps?)

Trip list

  1. David P
  2. Ruth
  3. Caroline
  4. Alex P
  5. Ian
  6. Emma
  7. David C
  8. Alex T
  9. Ausma
  10. Michael
  11. Kat
  12. Dave F
  13. Jo
  14. Gordon
  15. Marianne
  16. Lucy
  17. Mary


Please add where you are coming from and going to, and by what method of transport to facilitate lift-sharing.

  • David and Ruth driving from Carnforth on Saturday 27th, returning on Saturday 3rd. Please be there by 08:30 if you'd like a lift, Alex and Caroline. I'd like to get the drive done in daylight. Okay dokey - CH
  • Caroline and Alex P are driving from Lincoln on Saturday 27th and driving to Ewell nr Epsom on Saturday 3rd. Hoping to leave the car at Ruth's house and get a lift like last year.
  • Lucy driving from Knaresborough on Saturday 27th (or Kent on Friday 26th, if that suits better). Would be nice to share a lift somehow, happy to put others on my insurance or help out with the driving in someone else's car.
  • Jo and Dave (probably) driving in small car from Hope Valley on Sat 27th. Possibly detouring to Glasgow for night on way home.
  • Alex and Ausma driving from Manchester airport to Lancaster on Friday evening. Giving Lucy a lift to Glen Shiel on Saturday am. Driving back to Manchester airport the following Friday (via Lancaster). Ausma then travelling with Lucy back to Cambridge. Still one seat available from Manchester/Lancaster to G.S. and back if any use to anyone!
  • Marianne and Gordon driving from Oxford on Saturday. Preliminary discussions with David and Mary about lift sharing, but we would want to leave early- eg 7(am). Returning Saturday.
  • Ian and Emma driving from Berwick on Saturday.
  • Michael & Kat are taking the ferry overnight from Amsterdam to Newcastle, and then driving up from there on 27th. Probably arrive late afternoon in Glen Shiel. Driving back on 3rd.


I'm volunteering to organise food again, since I am currently unemployed and have nothing better to do (CH). As usual there will be an opportunity to suggest meals, followed by a vote.

Voting is now open, please put your initials by up to six main and up to six pudding options. Votes will close on Sunday 14th. Can I assure everyone that there will be a minimum of two (often three) of your five-a-day in each main meal, whether or not it includes side salad. Sorry - no offence intended - I just had a feeling that we ran out of accompaniments last year, and thought planning them in advance might be helpful. It turned out that everything went with salad! IP


  • (8 - 3 drivers (insufficient)) Meal out with Older Duffers at Cluanie Inn; CH LW GW MW MF AP (DC MC not sure if we'll be drivers, though)
  • (0) Home made chicken nuggets, rainbow chips and peas;
  • (1) Grown-up mac with five cheeses and side salad; KH
  • (5) Butternut squash, pearl barley and goats' cheese risotto with rocket; CH JS EP DC MC
  • (7) Fajitas (for Saturday evening) with side salad; CH DF JS MF AP DP RP
  • (2) Toad in the hole with roast potatoes, peas, vegetables and gravy; DC MC
  • (3) Haggis & beef Lasagne; MW AT DF
  • (6) Beef lasagne, garlic bread and salad; KH DP IP RP MF EP
  • (4) Chicken and bacon risotto with salad; GW RP DF EP
  • (1) Mushroom and tarragon risotto with parmesan shavings and salad; MC
  • (3) Beefburgers and potato wedges with salad; CH IP DF
  • (0) Chicken Pie with veg;
  • (0) Bangers and mash with veg;
  • (0) Curry;
  • (3) Beef and banana curry with cashew rice; DP MW GW
  • (10) Boeuf Stroganoff German Style (with beetroot) and tagliatelle; KH LW IP MW AT AT JS MF AP EP
  • (3) Coque au Vin with vegetables and French bread; MW AT AT
  • (1) Maple and mustard glazed ham with roast vegetables; LW
  • (2) Tartiflette with salad; DF DC
  • (0) Chicken in paprika sauce with rice and veg;
  • (10) Thai red curry with fish and/or prawns and noodles and veg; DP IP MW GW AT AT JS EP AP(MF wants veggie this day) MC
  • (9) "Mountain Meatballs" (meatballs stuffed with cheese), with tomato sauce and spaghetti; LW DP RP AT AT JS DF MF AP
  • (0) Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread;
  • (3) Venison casserole with veg and potatoes; KH LW DC
  • (10) Spanish style chicken and chorizo bake with salad; CH KH LW DP IP GW RP AT MF EP
  • (8) German sausage stew with rustic bread/potato salad and salad; CH KH IP GW RP JS AP EP


  • (9) Apple crumble; CH KH DP IP MW GW RP EP MC
  • (4) Veiled Lady (posh alternative to apple crumble, with whipped cream, breadcrumbs and chocolate instead of the crumble); LW JS DC MC
  • (4) Tiramisu; KH GW AT JS
  • (10) Sticky toffee pudding; CH KH LW DP IP JS DF MF AP EP
  • (6) Lemon meringue pie; CH DP GW RP AT DF
  • (6) Christmas pudding; KH IP GW RP EP DC
  • (4) Banoffee pie; LW MW DF JS
  • (9) Treacle tart with ice cream; CH DP IP MW RP DF MF AP EP
  • (9 caramel)Homemade Salted Caramel Ice cream or Coffee ice cream with poached pears (please state when voting if salted caramel or coffee ice cream is preferred); MF caramel CH caramel KH caramel LW caramel MW caramel EP caramel AT caramel AT caramel AP caramel
  • (2) Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Ganache; IP DF
  • (9) Profiteroles with chocolate sauce; KH DP GW RP AT AT AP MC DC
  • (4) Chocolate souffles with cream; LW JS DC MC
  • (0) Herod's pudding (chocolate, rum (can be moderated), cream and fruit dessert);
  • (11) Heston's chocolate and orange tart with cream; CH LW DP IP MW AT AT AP EP DC MC
  • (0) Bailey's tiramissu;
  • (8) German cherry and quark torte (German-style baked cheesecake); MW GW RP AT AT JS DF AP

Breakfasts and Lunches
This is an important food-related enquiry. It has been proposed that rather than collectively buying breakfast and lunch food, we should bring our own. Please have a think about this and add to the argument below if you wish. We will have a vote later about whether or not to implement this proposal.

Voting is open. Please put your initials next your your preferred option below.

(6) Bring own food (except dinners): KH DF EP IP DC MC (9) Group buying of breakfast, lunch and hill-food: CH LW DP GW MW RP AT AT AP

Arguments for

  • This is a hangover from when lots of people came by train and it was difficult to lug around lots of food. Nowadays most people come by car.
  • You can bring what you want to eat.
  • Each individual is responsible for estimating how much they will eat (especially w.r.t. hill-food) based on the weather etc, rather than me. This may or may not lead to less waste (or more people going hungry).

Arguments against

  • We will end up with loads of repeats - e.g. multiple cucumbers in the fridge.
  • We will have to remember which items in the fridge and cupboards are ours, leading to either a) liberal use of marker pens, or b) confusion.
  • Can have a wider variety of food if we share.
  • Saves having to buy any more hill snacks till about Easter.

KH: Can I propose waffles for everyone for breakfast on the 1st of January? I can bring the waffle maker like last year, if people want waffles. Yes please!! AT LW GW MW IP EP CH

New Year's Eve meal

Any volunteers?

DC: Mary and I would like to tentatively volunteer to do this. Not sure what we would do, but we would do a meaty main course (so no need to panic). However, we wouldn't want to get in the way of anyone else who would like to do the New Year's meal... also happy to do part/help anyone else.

MW: we haven't done this yet- very happy to help DC and Mary. Also maybe we can do 2015?


  • Michael will provide a cryptic quiz again, though he's staying well clear of awarding points this time... Do we want rounds again? Worked really well last year.
  • DP will put together another hill-related quiz.
  • Caroline and Alex will bring "how high is your egg?" Mk II
  • Kat will bring an origami challenge
  • Lucy will bring a construction/creativity game
  • Marianne+Gordon will bring something structural and creative
  • Dave and Jo will organise a linguistic round
  • Alex and Ausma will do something gastronomy related