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Youngish Duffers' New Year Trip 2015-2016

Welcome to the Choose-Your-Age-Category Duffers' New Year Trip wiki, for organising transport, food, gherkins and whatnot.

Trip list

  1. David P
  2. Ruth
  3. Caroline
  4. Alex P
  5. Ian
  6. Emma
  7. Alex T
  8. Ausma
  9. Michael
  10. Kat
  11. Becca
  12. Lucy
  13. Simon B
  14. (spare space, don't need to fill it necessarily)


Please add where you are coming from and going to, and by what method of transport to facilitate gherkin-sharing.

  • Lucy and Becca going up from Knaresborough on the 27th (staying with a friend near Dundee), arriving at the house late afternoon on the 28th. Leaving for Cambridge on Saturday 2nd.
  • Simon B is arriving by train to Kingussie at 19:15 on 28th. Alex and Caroline have offered me a lift back to London on 4th.
  • Alex and Caroline driving to Natland on Sunday 27th, then continuing to Kingussie on 28th. Driving back to London on 4th with Simon.
  • David and Ruth driving from Minehead to Natland via Hilton on afternoon of Sunday 27th in order to eat some gherkins. Continuing to Kingussie on 28th to arrive mid-afternoon for the pickling session. Returning to Hilton with gherkins via Natland on Monday 4th.
  • Alex and Ausma: hire car Edinburgh => Kingussie on 28th (arrive early afternoon); hire car Kingussie to Edinburgh on 4th (leaving 6 am).
  • Michael and Kathrin - driving up from Cambridge on Monday 28th; driving back on Sunday 3rd.
  • Ian and Emma - driving from Carlisle Monday 28th, back to Durham Sunday 3rd.


Voting is now open. Please put your initials next to six main courses and six desserts. Voting will close midnight Saturday 19th Dec, and then I will allocate shopping lists.

Main courses

  • [13] Fajitas (for arrival evening) - jalape├▒os in vinegar MF CP AP DP IP EP RH LW AT AT RP SB KH

  • [7] Bangers and sweet potato/butternut squash mash, with onion gravy (can we have gherkins? - RP) CP AP IP EP RH RP SB

  • [0] Mushroom Wellington with potatoes, carrots and peas

  • [3] Toad in the hole, with veg and gravy (+veggie sausage option if wanted) DP AT AT

  • [10] Beef stew with peanuts and dumplings and a gherkin salad MF CP IP EP LW AT AT RP SB KH

  • [2] Butternut squash, pearl barley and goats' cheese risotto with rocket MF CP

  • [5] Grown-up mac with five cheeses and veg (good if there's leftover cheese after New Year meal) CP AP DP RH LW

  • [6] Beefburgers, sauerkraut and potato wedges IP EP RH RP SB KH

  • [11] Zanzibar chicken curry (with picked onions - thanks! - RP) MF AP DP IP EP LW AT AT RP SB KH

  • [9] Oven-baked chicken in Maple Barbecue Sauce (Delia) with rice MF DP IP RH LW AT AT SB MF

  • [3] Roast Peri Peri chicken AP EP RH

  • [9] Chinese style pork belly with vinegar and mustard salad - MF CP AP DP LW AT AT RP KH


  • [9] Apple and gherkin crumble with custard MF CP DP IP EP RH LW AT RP

  • [10] Profiteroles with chocolate and vinegar sauce MF AP EP RH LW AT AT RP SB KH

  • [11] Sticky toffee and gherkin pudding MF CP AP DP IP EP RH LW RP SB KH

  • [3] Banoffee pie DP RH SB

  • [10] Chocolate brownie with gherkin ice cream MF CP AP IP EP RH LW AT SB KH

  • [11] Baked cherry cheesecake (German style; pickles) MF CP AP DP IP LW AT AT RP KH SB

  • [5] Mango pavlova RH LW AT AT KH

  • [9] Mincemeat and frangipane and sauerkraut tart MF CP AP DP IP EP AT AT RP

  • [9] Bakewell Tart in malt vinegar CP AP DP EP AT AT RP SB KH

New Year's Eve meal

Alex and Ausma have volunteered to produce something containing gherkins


Games/quizzes etc. for new year/throughout the week. Each couple could organise/bring any kit necessary for one game maybe?

  • Caroline and Alex can bring "How High is Your Egg?" mk II, as we had so much to do last year it wasn't played.
  • DP will put together another hill-related quiz.
  • Ausma will bring her viola and crutches.
  • Lucy has checked with the owner, and apparently the piano was tuned in November... (can anyone play?! RHP)
  • RP will try to think of some vinegary, gherkin fun?!