Andy Gibson Training Fund (AGTF)

The Andy Gibson Training Fund was established in 2006 in memory of the late Andy Gibson (President 1994-1995). Andy was very involved in the club, and the fund was created and added to through kind donations from his family and from former members of the club (the Old Duffers).

The fund exists to make grants to active members of CUHWC to undertake courses in hill and mountain activities. Grants are made once a term, and applications must be received four weeks prior to the end of full term. Group applications are welcomed. An application, in writing or by email, should be sent to the President of CUHWC. Please note that a grant is unlikely to exceed £150, and that the final say rests with a committee of Fund Managers, not solely with the President. Grants will be made for courses that increase the safety and enjoyment of the applicant and other members of CUHWC. Courses in first aid, scrambling, navigation, winter skills and mountain leadership are all possible, though please note that grants will not be made for professional qualifications (e.g. ML Assessment).

Grants are awarded once a term, but note that you may apply at any time and your application will be considered at the next cutoff (normally two weeks before the end of each full term). You may apply in respect of a course that takes place before the next deadline, but unless unavoidable you should ensure that your application is received before the date of the course.

To apply, please download and fill in the application form, and email it to the president.

The committee is comprised of seven members — the current President and Treasurer, and five previous members and officers of the Club. Currently these five are:

  • Toby Speight
  • James Blake
  • Sarah Hammond Ward
  • Peter Bell
  • Charlotte Bell

Donating to the Fund

Whether you knew Andy, are a previous beneficiary or simply support the Fund's aims, please consider making a donation to enable us to continue and expand the scheme. All contributions, however small, are gratefully received. If you would like to donate, please send a cheque, made payable to 'Andy Gibson Training Fund', to the Club's postal address. Alternatively, email the current president or treasurer for more information (all details on the contacts page).

Fund Rules (revised 2014)

  1. The Andy Gibson Training Fund ("Fund") exists to make grants to members of Cambridge University Hillwalking Club ("CUHWC") to undertake courses in hill and mountain activities.
  2. Grants from the fund shall be made without discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political views, and must comply with any rules laid down by the Proctors of the University of Cambridge.
  3. The fund shall be managed by a committee, who shall be the President of CUHWC, the Treasurer of CUHWC, and five others. The President and Treasurer of CUHWC are elected by CUHWC in accordance with the club's constitution. Other members are co-opted by the existing Fund committee when a place becomes vacant.
  4. Grants shall be made from the Fund three times each year, in each case no later than two weeks prior to the end of Michaelmas, Lent or Easter full term respectively.
  5. Application Process:
    1. Applications must be received by the President of CUHWC no later than two weeks before the end of full term.
    2. Group applications for courses organised by the Club should be submitted at the same time, but may in exceptional circumstances be considered at other times.
    3. The President and Treasurer of CUHWC shall determine:
      1. the eligibility of each applicant to receive a grant under these rules
      2. which eligible applicants should receive grants
      3. the amount of each grant
    4. By virtue of proposing a grant under article 5c, the President and Treasurer will be deemed to have voted in favour. Decisions are to be ratified by at least three other members of the Fund committee, either in person, writing or by email. The President or Treasurer should declare an interest if an application would directly benefit one or both of them and should not vote in relation to any decisions relating to this application.
    5. The Fund committee may, by a vote of at least 5 members in favour:
      1. exercise the powers conferred on the President and Treasurer by article 5c
      2. vary, amend or reject any determination under article 5c
      3. limit the exercise of the powers conferred by article 5c, whether by deciding the number or size of grants to be made, or by fixing the total sum of grants to be made, or in any other way
      4. make any other decision or take any other steps necessary to administer the Fund.
    6. Cheques are to be sent to successful applicants prior to the end of full term.
  6. Each application for a grant will be considered on its own merits. However, a few guidelines exist for making awards:
    1. Grants should be made for courses that will increase the safety and enjoyment of the applicant and other members of CUHWC.
    2. Financial need may be taken into account in making grants.
    3. Previous commitment to the club, and future opportunity to share experience may be taken into account
    4. Grants will prioritise courses that take place in the UK with the aim of building skills to increase safety and enjoyment of the UK mountain environment.
    5. Alpine-skills courses can be considered by the Fund committee but no more than one grant will be made for this type of course per academic year.
  7. The total expenditure for any academic year should not exceed £1000, unless otherwise approved by unanimous vote of the Fund committee. The Committee is willing to consider individual grants and grants where a number of members can benefit at the same time (an example might be hiring an instructor for a group of members). Unless unanimously approved:
    1. the maximum value of a grant to an individual shall be £150,
    2. the maximum number of grants made shall be 10
  8. The Fund Rules can be changed only by unanimous vote of the Fund committee.
  9. The Fund may be dissolved by unanimous decision of the Fund committee, in which event any remaining assets shall be given to CUHWC.